Is 2023 the Final Year to Ditch Your Job and Work From Home?

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Comfort and convenience are things that are now the main priority for most employees. This is very important when we are talking about finding a job or just learning about our future profession. Even though the pandemic is mostly over and people are not under the strict regulations of distance and socialization, many employees still prefer to work remotely, from home. They already are used to sitting comfortably and doing their work flexibly. In the employment sector, remote working is one of the main trends, and it is expected that in 2023 this will be even more popular. 

Another trend that is becoming more and more popular to follow is self-employment. This might sound like more autonomy but is it good as it seems? Today we will cover this topic in more detail and also talk about reasons that made remote self-employment more popular. So if you are looking for some new working possibilities, we recommend you do not miss any detail.

If You Leave a Job, Where Should You Earn Money?

What is self-employment? It is not only creating your own business or working for some services as a freelancer. It also includes doing some trading and earning money from positioning on different financial markets. Not all of these possibilities require you to have some specific high education or years of experience. There are plenty of free online resources with short courses which soon will make you a crypto trader, graphic designer, or virtual assistant. If it is about financial markets, you can simply have access to the guide to online trading as well as some tutorials for higher financial profits. So, it is not hard to start but it is to maintain. The question is, is it worth being self-employed?

Well, there is no single answer to that question because its profitability depends on many factors. Here we can list salary importance, need for working hours flexibility, working environment and many others which are completely individual for every person. Some people think that 2023 will be even more featured with a high number of self-employment and job turnover rate. So is it a final year to join the club of remote self-employment? Of course not! Everything has a double side and here are some disadvantages of ditching your job and substituting it with remote working.

First and foremost it will create a comfort zone for you that is enjoyable but not good for you, for your health, and even for your career. Working from home means forgetting about organizing things and becoming less productive. Working from home means that you sometimes will work with your pajamas from your bed or on the sofa in comfy clothes. In addition, not everyone has good conditions to work from home. You need an isolated space and room. Quiet to concentrate on the task and some space to move around.

Most of us live with family members, and some of you may have children or pets at home. This will interrupt you while working and will reduce your focus on work. Automatically it means less quality of your work. When there is no focus, and you are at home, you are more likely to do other stuff, start procrastinating and slow down your working rhythm. This will make working less flexible and effective. 

Why Quitting a Job and Starting Remote Self-employment is not a Better Solution?

There are many reasons for that. First of all, the main reason to start working, no matter the field, is to have a stable income to provide yourself with individual needs. When you are self-employed and depend on daily productivity, you are not guaranteed to have a stable income as in a traditional working environment. When you work for the company, you have a set routine for every day. You are more likely to manage the day in a more productive way and do different things, as you know what your working and break hours are. 

If you ditch a job and completely rely on remote working, you will not be able to manage working hours and you won’t have any time left to do other things or enjoy moments with your favorite people.  For example, if you completely rely on crypto trading, you may face huge financial struggles. Prices are very fluctuate and not every period is good to make a stable and sufficient amount of money from trading. 

So, if something unpredictable changes, such as what happened in the 2021s crypto market, you will lose all your hard work and money. Also, you do not have an actual team which means a lack of new connections, relationships, and prospects.

So, in 2023 as well as in the future ditching jobs and becoming a remote worker is not the best decision to make. It will be better if you make self-employment and remote working an additional source of income and not the main one. This will make your financial situation much more stable rather than relying on a remote or self-employment job.