Is It Necessary to Apply for Cisco CCIE Certification?


Is it necessary to apply for Cisco CCIE certification? Cisco certification is an international authoritative certification system in the field of Internet. In Cisco certification system, the expert level CCIE certification  is recognized as the most authoritative certification in the IT industry all over the world and the top certification in the field of global Internetworking.
Therefore, obtaining Cisco CCIE certificate proves that your technology has reached the expert level and has been recognized by the industry. In addition, it is a symbol of honor and an embodiment of self-worth. Therefore, it is very necessary to apply for Cisco certification. The following is a detailed analysis of Cisco CCIE certification.
It is necessary to obtain CCIE certificate. The reasons are as follows.

1. Launched by Cisco, CCIE certificate is highly recognized in IT industry. It is regarded as one of the top and most valuable network engineer certificates in the global Internet field.
2. CCIE certificate is difficult to obtain. CCIE certification exam is divided into the written exam and the lab exam. In the experimental exam, it is required to assess candidates’ comprehensive ability, including troubleshooting, diagnosis and configuration. Therefore, the passing rate of CCIE certification is only 30% according to Cisco’s official data. Harsh certification rules make CCIE certificate one of the most respected and difficult certificates to obtain. At the same time, if you pass the CCIE certification exam, you will also obtain the world’s only CCIE number and keep it permanently.
3. The processing speed of engineer with CCIE certificate is 20% faster than ordinary engineer ordinary engineers. The customer satisfaction is thus improved by 30% or more, and the average available network downtime is reduced by about 37%;
4. CCIE certified engineer can get a higher salary up 5% ~ 9% than ordinary engineer.
5. During the recruitment, whether having CCIE certificate is the evaluation standard second only to educational background for employers to determine whether the candidate is qualified.

Passing Cisco CCIE certification  on your order  is very beneficial for promotion and salary increase. In first-tier cities, take Shanghai as an example, fresh graduates can get an annual salary of 11,666 to 16,666 US dollars if they have CCIE certificate. In second-tier cities, they can also get an annual salary of 16,666 to 25,000 US dollars. Note that this is only the first year of graduation, and the salary can be doubled after 1-2 years. For those who have some work experience, the starting point of salary will be much higher after passing.
The above is the analysis of “is it necessary to apply for Cisco CCIE certification”. For those who are still hesitant, I hope the above introduction can help you make a good choice.