What Can You Do When You Join an NDIS Meals Plan Aren’t Happy With The Plan?

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Once you’ve joined an NDIS meal provider for your meal plan delivery, an NDIS representative or coordinator usually has a conversation to create the right NDIS support plan for your needs. The NDIS meals support plan would state how much funds will be dispensed for you. You could choose the support plan and also who gives you needed support. 

Preparing for the conversation or the process of pre-planning for NDIS meal plan delivery

Before the planning conversation, prepare by identifying your plan’s goals and what supports you are getting currently. The NDIS provides a planning workbook that’s available for your help. 

You could get quotes from NDIS meals plan providers such as A Life Plus for the kind of meal pan support that you want to use for your planning meeting. 

Once the plan you want to go with is finalised and submitted to the NDIS for the approval of funding and the representative of your local area contacts you to discuss how to put the plan into action, a call will be set with the right course of action for your plan.

What can you do if you aren’t happy with the plan? 

Down the line, If you find yourself not happy with the approved NDIS plan for the milk Plant delivery system, you can ask the NDIS to review your plan within three months. The kind of support you need may change accordingly to the new plan, and the NDIS will review the new plan as well. This Change in the plan could be done on a yearly basis or is a lot of things in your life change during a period; then, too, you can get your plan changed.

You may wonder how the funding in NDIS plans is managed; here’s how:

  • You could self manage: The participant could manage their own NDIS means with the help of a nominee if they are incapable of doing so themselves.
  • You should get your plan managed: The participant can also choose any service provided under the NDIS or anything that is not registered with the NDIA. One can also make their bookings for services directly from a service provider as well. The service providers will invoice the plan manager rather than the participants themselves. The plan manager will pay the service provider directly and make the payment request for funds to be reimbursed to the plan manager by the NDIS. 
  • You can get it managed by NDIA: Or on the other hand, if a participant has an NDIS service provider rather than an independent one, they can make bookings through the portal and request for the cost of the support to be provided directly to the service provider. This would cut down the middle man. 
  • You could also manage with a combination of the above: depending on your needs, you could have a combination of all the three options above, at different times.