Key Performance Indicators to Check for Website Maintenance

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Everything is mortal in this world. Even nonliving and abstract things like websites are no exception. There is an endpoint of each and everything; however, it can be avoided in the case of a website. Ensuring regular and proper maintenance of websites can give them a new life and add more attraction and appeal to them.

An important point to consider here is that your website maintenance efforts might not be enough to improve the performance and functioning of the website. So, you are responsible for ensuring proper maintenance of your websites and help the users get what they want from the site without facing any difficulty. Learning about the key performance indicators or metrics can provide you substantial support in improving maintenance.

Keep scrolling down this article to get your hands on key performance indicators you can follow to check for proper website maintenance.

Top 7 KPIs You Must Ensure for Proper Website Maintenance

Websites are constantly in use and might be facing hacking attempts too. This can undermine their performance. If you do not take care of the maintenance and keep on fixing the potential issues, it will result in your website losing all the traffic and becoming useless. So, do not let it reach that point and follow the key performance indicators to improve website maintenance and its functioning.

Here are some of the major key performance indicators you must ensure for proper website maintenance.

Planned Maintenance Percentage

The first and basic key performance indicator to ensure proper website maintenance is the planned maintenance percentage. Planned maintenance percentage highlights the number of planned tasks to work on maintenance. You can use the number to check the unplanned task, and it will provide a clear picture of the maintenance. It requires technical skills, which makes many website owners hire website maintenance Dubai based experts to get a perfectly maintained and functioning website.

Preventive Maintenance Compliance

Preventive maintenance compliance is another important key performance indicator that you should measure and track. Preventive maintenance compliance highlights the percentage of the accomplished maintenance task that was planned. You might need the support of professionals if you are not familiar with the technicalities.

Mean Time to Repair

Another important key performance indicator you must be tracking and following for website maintenance repairs. The maintenance issues do not emerge abruptly and are often planned, and the professionals have set a time limit to accomplish their goal. You need to track and analyze the average repair time to keep a watch on the website’s performance and the effectiveness of maintenance tasks.

Mean Time Between Failures

One of the most important yet ignored key performance indicators in terms of website maintenance is the mean time between failures. The failure can be related to a small task you have worked on earlier and requires maintenance again. The mean time between failures can help you beware of the deteriorating performance of the website and take constructive measures to limit the issues in the future.

Maintenance Cost

Another important key performance indicator you must be measuring and following in website maintenance is the maintenance cost. Website maintenance is a task that you might not ensure free of cost, but invest a hefty amount in it. Tracking the cost is extremely critical as it will help you see if the maintenance issues are increasing or decreasing and uncover the reasons behind them to improve website performance and save your budget.

Unscheduled Downtime

Another crucial key performance indicator for smooth website maintenance is unscheduled downtime. When you are working on the maintenance tasks, you must have scheduled a downtime. If the time is surpassed or you encounter it at odd and unplanned times, then it is an indication that your maintenance actions are not up to the quality, and you need to work on it to limit the hassle of website users.

Work Order Cycle Time

The last key performance indicator you must be following to ensure smooth and effective website maintenance is the work order cycle time. It means the overall time utilized in the process of completing the maintenance task and the time the issues take to emerge back. Work order cycle time can help you beware of the recurring issues and resolve them efficiently. If you lack technical skills, hire the website maintenance experts to handle all the details so you can enjoy a perfectly functional website.

Do you not know how to get these done?

The concepts and details can be tricky for you if you lack knowledge of technical details. Instead of ignoring and giving up on them, contact the professionals and let them ensure proper maintenance of your website so you or your target audience do not face any issues.