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KSG India’s Online Learning has become a lifesaver for UPSC aspirants


The Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) has recently declared the UPSC CSE preliminary exam results. As per the official statement, the main exam would be held on 8th January 2021. These approximately two months are the most crucial time for the aspirants where they must join test series and because of social distancing again the internet would come to the rescue.

KSG India, an institute for IAS Exam had started their Online Learning Program back in 2010 and this Online Mentoring experience of a decade made things easier for KSG India and for their students during the Covid-19 Pandemic situation.

As all students stuck in their home due to Covid-19, Live Classes through Internet, Soft copies of study material, and individual mentoring through Video calls are becoming the great relief for the IAS Exam aspirants.

KSG India is one of the pioneers in bringing online education mechanisms to India. KSG India had started investing the infrastructure to build an online coaching platform as early as 2008 to ensure the best training to your students.”, says Dr. A.R. Khan.

To crack the IAS Exam Thousands of students joined the convenient and cost-effective online courses of KSG India.

During Covid-19 Pandemic Coaching through the Internet became the only available option for the aspirants.

After the resounding success achieved in the UPSC Civil Services Examination (CSE) with 14 out of 20 top rankers in 2019, All top 10 Rankers in 2018 and Highest GS Marks three times and thousands of toppers KSG India is in order to fulfill its commitment to facilitate and support aspirants from all over the country, conducting Webinars & Online Learning Programs to Facilitate & Support UPSC Civil Services Aspirants.

“With 450 selections 2018 and 430 Selections in 2019; KSG India has been adding more feathers in its cap since 2008. The blend of powerful classroom and online courses, KSG India is committed to make many more success stories.”, says Dr. A. R. Khan.

A popularly known amongst the Civil Services aspirants as Khan Sir, is an accomplished educationist, academician, scholar, thinker, and motivator.

“Early starters do get an edge in their preparation and this has been proved multiple times. Tina Dabi (AIR- 1 2015), Srushti Jayant Deshmukh (AIR-5 2018) and many more joined KSG when they were doing their graduation. The courses are available for one year as well as in two-year modes.”, says Dr. A. R. Khan.

An avid reader and a prolific writer, Dr. Khan has published scores of Articles and Research Papers in reputed National and International Journals. He has also authored several books on varied topics which have earned wide recognition

Because of social distancing, new mediums have come up to bridge the communication gaps, and KSG IAS, the premier Civil Services institute of the country was one of the first in the country to adopt online to cater to the demands of the students. Now under KSG online learning program (KOL), all the classes are given to thousands of students throughout the world (there are many Indians who are not living in India but are preparing), live from the state of the art studio in Delhi. It is also giving fast, accurate and reliable information to all the aspirants thereby solving the issues of infodemics.

One of the fundamental issues of online learning is that of effective engagement with the aspirants. The KSG India has solved this by having active mentors allotted to each student, who themselves call the students regularly for concepts clarification and to keep them on their toes. Every student has unique problems and the mentors give them customized solutions.

Of course, the student can call the mentors whenever they have any query. Every month more than 15 subjective tests are conducted. Students submit their subjective answers online, which after getting evaluated also gets vetted. This ensures that a student’s copy is evaluated twice. After the evaluation, the copy is uploaded to the student’s wallet. Students at KSG have been given their individual wallets to chart their own progress.

Out of the total youth in the world, every fifth resides in India, According to Census 2011, the youth constitute 28% of the total population in the country and have a contribution of over 34% in the country’s national income.

This young population has to use modern means of communication and the Internet is probably one of the most revolutionizing inventions. The Internet penetration rate in India went up to nearly around 50 percent in 2020, from just about four percent in 2007.  No wonder today India has the second-highest number of Internet users in the world.

The Internet lets a student sit in one place and explore the world. A lot of information is available online but lack of accuracy and reliability is a major drawback.

That’s why KSG India’s faculty and a huge team of experts from various fields ensure Crisp and Concise Content in an exam-oriented way must be available for the students because every exam is a specialized exam and has a different syllabus and approach.

Social media has also become an important source of information and this has created issues. Social media is important but should be used responsibly. One has to understand that surfing doesn’t mean that you are preparing.

Life came to a standstill for the world since March this year, due to the Covid-19 pandemic a crisis came in front of the aspirants that they could not go out for the coaching classes or to get the study material. Even after unlocking; aspirants are still struggling to get things in place.

Access to quality education has become easier because of online classes as it has increased the ability of the institutions to reach a wider area. Now the aspirant has the liberty to stay at home and prepare for the exam making the preparation cost-effective and affordable. It also gives assignment convenience and flexibility.


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