Laura Haddock | Adorable Hollywood Actress

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Laura is a British actress who has played Kacie Carter and Meredith Quill in the movies Honest and Guardians of the Galaxy, respectively. The actress is well-known for things she does in public besides acting.

Who is Laura Haddock?

Laura Haddock is a Hollywood actress. The pretty actress is best known for her roles in movies like Guardian of the Galaxy, Honest, Da Vinci’s Demons, and Transformers: The Last Knight. She was born in Enfield, which is in London, England. She grew up in Harpenden, which is in Hertfordshire. Laura Jane Haddock is her full name. Her mother is a reflexologist, and her father works in finance.

How was Laura’s Education Life?

Haddock went to St. George’s School, but she dropped out at age 17 to become an actress. Then she went to Chiswick to train at the Arts Educational School.

Laura Haddock’s Family:

When it comes to her family, Haddock comes from a loving and helpful group of people. But she hasn’t told anyone who her parents are. But she said that her dad is a businessman. Her mother, on the other hand, is a reflexologist.

How did Laura Start his Career?

Laura Haddock wanted to be an actress so much that she quit high school when she was seventeen. Then she went to London to study acting and get better at what she was doing. After Haddock found out she was good at acting, she went to the Arts Educational School in Chiswick.

In 2008, Haddock finally got her start on TV with the pilot Plus One, which was also part of the Comedy Showcase.

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Do You Know Anything About Laura Haddock’s Work-Life and Career?

In the British comedy-drama Honest, which aired on ITV in 2008, the actress played the role of Kacie Carter. Then, Haddock was in the pilot episode of Life Is Wild, which is the American version of Wild at Heart. She was also working, and she was in a dot tel commercial.

Laura Haddock played Natasha in the comedy-drama Monday Monday on ITV1, and then she played Samantha in How Not to Live Your Life. For the last act, the British actress takes over Sinead Moynihan’s role as the female lead.

Laura’s Relationship:

Laura Haddock is so beautiful that a lot of people want to know what she’s up to. At the moment, actress Laura Haddock is single and not seeing anyone.

Who is Laura’s Husband?

A year before, she married the handsome actor Sam Claflin, best known for his role in Pirates of the Caribbean: Strange Tides. They started dating in 2011, and after two years of dating, they got married in July 2013. They have a son named Pip, who is five years old, and a daughter named Margot, who is two years old. On August 20, 2019, the couple said they were getting a divorce. Both sides must have a good reason for what they are doing.

Do You Know the Movies of Laura Haddock?

Laura Haddock, who was in White Lines on Netflix, has recently returned to TV. She played the main character in the murder mystery, a woman named Zoe Walker. She has been in movies like “Guardians of the Galaxy,” “Honest,” “Transformers,” and more.

‘Captain America’

Even though this happened, 2011 was a great year for her career. In that same year, she was in several movies, including Captain America: The First Avenger, which was her first movie role. In the same year, Haddock also appeared in a few episodes of the Cinema/Sky TV miniseries Strike Back: Project Dawn.


The British actress played Vivian Wembley in Michael Bay’s movie Transformers. In the transformer movie, Laura work with Megan fox, the mother of a pretty young child who is Bodhi ransom green and Journey River Green. The Last Knight came out on June 21, 2017. She also plays Zoe Walker in White Lines, a new mystery show on Netflix that will start in 2020.

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Do You Know the Reason for Laura’s Fame?

Since her first movie in 2007, Laura Haddock has been in a number of movies and TV shows, which have earned her praise from critics. Strike Back, Upstairs Downstairs, Missing, Dancing on the Edge, Ripper Street, Luther, The Musketeers, The Level, The Capture, and more are some of the TV shows she has been in.


Laura is an actress with a lot of experience and a long list of successful shows to her name. Other than that, she is praised for how pretty she is. It’s hard to believe that Laura is in her mid-30s. The White Lines actress Laura was born on August 21, 1985, which makes her 35 years old. Not to mention that her star sign, Leo, is known for being strong, competitive, and demanding.

Haddock has a great body shape, just like she is good at what she does. Haddock is 5 feet 8 inches (173 cm) tall, weighs 57 kilograms (126 pounds), and has 35-26-34-inch curves that are absolutely stunning. People know that Laura stays slim because she eats lots of fresh fruit and olives.

Laura’s skin glows at her age, which is not a big surprise. Her long, golden hair and beautiful blue eyes finish Laura’s ethereal look.

Who Plays Quill’s Mother in Guardians of the Galaxy?

Laura is now a well-known actress who has worked on both small and big projects. Haddock played Lucrezia Donati in Da Vinci’s Demons from 2013 to 2015. She was the mistress of Lorenzo de Medici and Leonardo da Vinci’s lover. She became well-known all over the world because of the series.

Haddock also played Quill’s mother, Meredith Quill, in the 2014 fantasy film Guardians of the Galaxy.

Net Worth:

Laura has a net worth of $5.5 million because of how well she has done in her career. We all know that she makes most of her money from acting, though she also gets some from commercials and advertising partnerships. Unfortunately, not much is known about how much she makes and what she owns. But we’ll let you know what’s going on as soon as we know more.