Lear Capital: Opening A Gold IRA Account

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To avoid suffering financially after retirement, many individuals have resorted to having a retirement plan when they are no longer able to work. To achieve this goal, they have made investments in ETFs, equities, and mutual assets. 

Most investors on the other hand tend to avoid these businesses because of their market volatility. This means that their prices could drop at any time, making this a risky strategy.

Opening a gold IRA account is an excellent strategy to protect your assets once you retire. Lear Capital can put you in touch with a dealer who can help you make your investment if you are looking for one. 

Now let’s talk about what to think about and put into consideration before opening a gold IRA.

  • Type of Account 

Before you open a gold IRA, be sure you know which retirement account is best for you. There are two types of retirement accounts that are mostly recommended to open. They include the Roth and traditional accounts. 

Both provide an excellent retirement plan but show variation especially on how the investment is taxed. That is for the Roth gold account, you begin paying taxes as soon as you start making investments into your account and you would not have to pay more fees during withdrawals at the end of the retirement period. 

Withdrawals before the retirement period however attract extra payment and the best approach is to wait till you come of the retirement age. In a traditional IRA however, depositing of funds does not involve payment of taxes and this is seen during withdrawal periods at any time that is whether you have come to the retirement age or not. 

  • Contribution Limits

There are certain limits with regards to how much one can invest in a Gold IRA with regards to age. These according to research, varies with years. For 2019, 2020, 2021 and 2022 for example, the total amount of contributions for those fifty years and older cannot be above $ 6000 per year. These contributions however are not counted as a part of the limit; rollover contributions and qualified reservist repayments. 

With accordance to traditional IRA contributions, they can be tax-deductible. This deduction can however be limited if the individual is covered by a retirement plan at their place of work which exceeds a given certain limit. 

In Roth IRA gold accounts, the contribution limit may also be based on your revenue filing status or income status. There are rules also governing the contributions made by those 70 and above years in that they do have a limit in making contributions to both Roth and Traditional accounts.

It should be noted that a person of any age can still make contributions to both Roth and Traditional accounts. Read more here https://www.businessinsider.com/personal-finance/how-to-open-ira?

Lear Capital: Opening A Gold IRA Account

  • Storing Your Gold 

The gold which has been bought via the precious metals IRA such as Lear capital accounts must be stored in an approved bank or in a depository. The legality of some companies airing out the possibility of self-storage is still questionable. 

Sometimes there claims may be tempting and attractive but it is important for one to take caution before engaging with such dealers. In most reported cases, such accounts operate on violated IRA rules and could be having illegal operations. An individual can clearly face the IRS penalties and fines with regards to holding the gold purchases personally. 

With this regard, one can opt to take their precious metal as a distribution way later in life when they have become eligible and in cases where they are taken earlier, a penalty of 10% could be faced. 

  • The Fees

The Gold IRA usually come with fees. The fees mainly include the setting up fee, the storage fee and a management fee, applicable regardless of the custodian gold account you choose. 

The fee ranges are different for every IRA account and should be reviewed clearly before investment.  This differs depending on the accounts though and the fees on the typical accounts are way much lower and, in some cases, may not include the storage fees. 

It is important to research on the different account types and the fees they offer before making an investment in any of the accounts. Click here for more insights.



There are numerous reasons as to why you should make a gold IRA as part of your retirement investment plan. With the reasons to consider before opening an IRA account being highlighted above, it is now easy for one to know what kind of account they want. Intensive research is required about the account type one chooses to invest with. Funneling some funds to the precious metal is an excellent way of mitigating risks and building on your portfolio to withstand any market risks. It ensures that you are diversely invested and have somewhere to tap in when other assets undergo risks.

Lear Capital: Opening A Gold IRA Account