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When you live in a state that speaks a different language than the one you’re trying to learn, it can be harder to learn that foreign language than it seems. Like many other things, such as bodybuilding, losing weight, making a new habit, or learning a new language, it requires mental focus, consistency, and determination. Most people who want to learn a language have trouble getting started and using what they’ve learned. We hope this guide will help you figure out how to use Lingopie well to help you overcome these problems and learn a new language well.

What is Lingopie?

Lingopie is a simple and entertaining app that helps you learn different languages through TV shows and movies. It has many series in German, Spanish, Russian, Italian, and other languages. It can help people of all levels improve their language skills. You can discover any content you like, no matter your skill level.

Lingopie Features That Can Help You Learn Languages

Does Lingopie have features that will enable you to learn a new language? Lingopie has several useful features that make the shows available to individuals of various skill levels. One reason you might like to use Lingopie to practise is its features.

  • Flashcards

You can click on subtitles to learn a word or phrase while watching Lingopie. This will tell you how to say the word in English and how to say it in the language you want to learn. When you click on a word in Lingopie, a flashcard is automatically created for it. After your show or movie, you can use flashcards to learn the words you didn’t know. Even though they are pretty simple, they can aid you in recalling what you have learned.

  • Slow Replay

To make things simpler to grasp, you can slow down the movie to four different levels, with the slowest being 75% of the original pace. This sounds natural, but it helps people who are just starting to learn a language understand what is being said.

  • Say It

You can record yourself reading any of the captions in a show with Lingopie. It then uses software that can recognise your voice and give you a score. You could also listen to the recording to improve how you say the words.

  • Smart Filters

The smart filters allow you to browse the Lingopie catalogue, another helpful feature. You don’t have to divide the shows into multiple languages; you can also select where that language is spoken. This makes learning much more useful since many of those languages are spoken in various ways worldwide. For example, if you want to learn French, you can tell the difference among shows with multiple dialects of French.

  • Auto-Pause

When you watch a movie or TV show in a language you don’t know; you must pause it to understand better what words and sentences mean and how they fit together. You can set Lingopie to auto-pause after every subtitle. So you no longer have to click and play/pause a hundred times. You can tap on the screen of the video player to keep watching or start over.

  • Live Transcription

You can get a live transcription of every show, movie, cartoon, and podcast. These show on your screen and to the side of your video. The subtitles play at the same speed as the audio and emphasise the ongoing statement. Since you have the whole transcript on the video side, you can go back and look for words you skipped or overlooked to understand better what is happening. It gives people with different skill levels a lot more ways to learn.

Tips to Learn a Language with Lingopie

As we now know that Lingopie is the best way to learn Italian or any other language; the following are some tips for making the most of this platform:

  • Select Content of Interest

The best thing to do would be to choose content that fits your interests, linguistic competence, time available, etc. For example, check out a few TV shows in the “travel and food” section if you like food. Choose the shorter ones if you have several minutes to learn at a time. It’s also essential to select a show that fits your level. Being an advanced learner, you might find content for beginners boring, and content for advanced learners might be hard for those at lower levels. This can make you lose motivation and make your progress slower. Watch shows that make you think, but not so much that they make you want to pull your hair out.

  • Don’t Translate Every Word

Don’t feel you need to translate every word you don’t understand. It’s helpful to let the words flow over you and focus on the language behind them. For this reason, TV is an excellent tool for learning a language. You might figure out what it implies in a few instances if you keep seeing the word. But if it’s unclear, go ahead with the instant translation of that specific subtitle. Additionally, Lingopie will include that word in your flashcard set for later review.

  • Listen to Audio Without Subtitles

At first, it might seem like a bit of a challenge. But you might be amazed to discover how much you can comprehend without captions! This will help you “activate” the language you already understand, making it easier to remember. If listening without subtitles is hard at first, try it after reading the captions and reviewing the new words with flashcards. More listening practice will help you remember everything you’ve learned.

  • Review Your Flashcards

At the end of every series, go over your flashcards while the information is still fresh in your memory. You can always review the cards again later.

  • Don’t Overuse the Subtitle Translation Feature

If you use the subtitle translation feature too much, it can slow you down. Think about how much longer it would take to watch the show if you had to click on every word to translate it. This has the potential to make the plot and momentum disappear. If you have trouble understanding, make sure the content is at the right level for you. Second, if you keep pausing and replaying, try watching for five to ten minutes at a time before stopping to review and look up words. This way, you can learn from the whole sentence rather than focusing on individual words.


It’s always hard to learn something new, but it’s even harder to do so in a new language. Some options can make it fun and easy, like using Lingopie, an online language platform. Instead of making big claims, it does what it has been made to do, which is to teach a language creatively through engaging videos on its platform. With so many videos and unique features, you won’t be.

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