Kwai - #PushupChallenge

Lockdown #PushupChallenge Trends on Kwai App

As India undergoes a nationwide lockdown for public safety during the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic, Internet-savvy people are finding new and innovative ways to motivate each other for exercising and staying fit. #PushupChallenge has emerged as a top trend on popular video sharing app Kwai. The viral challenge encourages people to record and share their videos doing push-ups; and challenge their friends for a push-up competition.


                                                                            Kwai – #PushupChallenge


A Kwai spokesperson said that over 9,300 users have posted their videos tagged with the challenge. “The #PushupChallenge is a positive viral trend from India that is encouraging people to embrace physical activity as a means of overcoming stress and anxiety,” the spokesperson said.



On Kwai: Energize yourself with push-up exercise


Many users are demonstrating their physical fitness by participating in this challenge, which asks them to do maximum push-ups in a limited time. Others are encouraging their friends to beat their push up record. “The lockdown has completely disrupted my gym routine and forced a sedentary lifestyle on me. The #Pushupchallenge is a welcome trend for me to participate in as it helps me motivate myself to exercise, even if I am in my room,” a Delhi-based Kwai user said.


The #PushupChallenge is also proving to be an entertaining distraction for many. “Looking at fellow quarantined people do the push-up challenge is not only motivating, it is also very interesting and fun to watch people try to beat each other’s records,” said Sapna Kumari, resident of Jaipur and a Kwai user.


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