Love Is In The Art And Creativity Which Reflect Beauty

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Love Is In The Art

This Valentine’s, we urge esteemed art admirers to take India to the world. From the bygone eras to the present age, Indian mythology has celebrated love just the way the emotion has been fêted in the west. Ancient Indian art form of the likes of Pichwai, Madhubani, Tanjore, and many others are witness to this pious sentiment.

LOVE Beauty


Our team of expert curators at have curated some very compelling Indian art narratives that tell the saga of Love, from the perspective of an Indian contemporary artist.

Over the years artists have apprehended love using their imagination; including a variety of media to capture the essence of this feeling. From gold and silver metal to oil blends, acrylic colours and not to forget the newly emerging digital media have been widely used to portray the expression.

Today, with so many schools of art mushrooming across the length and breadth of the country, we at, artspread, have an array of artists whose works are all inclusive of the deeply rooted Indian culture celebrating love with an evident streak borrowed from other global pockets.

The Indian art forms have been appreciated and collected by connoisseurs from around the world. Over the last two decades we have observed a sudden upsurge in the art buying trends in India and internationally. Buyers are opting for works done by Indian artists. While most patrons stick to buying the traditional oil on canvas and acrylic on canvas, there is a new emergent lot that opts for newer media like photography and digital arts.


Currently connoisseurs refrain from buying art owing to the economic meltdown. However, the discerning art lover will use these market conditions to collect the works of skilful emerging artists. These artists possess flair to depict a story and vividly portray Indian ethos.

Our team of expert curators guide our patrons with the purchase. The Internet serves as a rendezvous point for established artists, emergent artists, buyers and sellers alike, taking Indian contemporary art to the world.

 To celebrate the universal and seamless emotion of love we at bring to you the most stunning works from artists of the likes of Bhaskar Lahiri (Divine Love – Acrylic on canvas), Ramchandra Pokale (Bansidhar -15 – Acrylic on canvas), Aloke Kumar Paul (Divine Grace- mix media on canvas), Shyam Porwal (Loving couples – Mix media on canvas), Nilesh Vede (Meera – Acrylic on canvas) and Chandra Bhanu Gupta (Garden of Eden – Digital).

The artists innovatively weave in the emotion of love by including an array of cultural, and mythological elements. Deep love and adoration roots upward form the works of each artist, as they imaginatively invest in different forms, moods and media.

Come indulge, stroke your passion, and woo your valentine with these masterly strokes. A timeless piece of art will soon emerge as a valuable asset on your investment portfolio.