Match Your Kundli With Your Partner For A Good Bonding By Accurate Love Astrology Prediction

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Priyanka realized the importance of love astrology when the astrologer predicted a real dosh in her horoscope. She was able to counter that fault which made her lead a happy life with her love. She is grateful to love astrology which has always successfully provided the best predictions about love life. Astrology never disappoints you and provides you with confidence to thrive in your daily life.

Followers of Vedic culture worldwide believe in accepting a horoscope of a future spouse, combined with love astrology, before considering marriage. It so happens that traditional Kundli weddings rely on birth charts and planetary alignments to predict the newlyweds’ future. It tests the suitability of the Kundli in eight categories, including happiness, fertility, and longevity.

Now we have developed as a society and have reached a stage where girls and boys find their partners. Scholars see the Kundli marriage accident as a pseudoscience if the correct term is an ancient science. It is generally accepted that girls and boys know what they want most when it comes to marriage. The high success rate of love marriages proves this argument. The argument is that the love matching test is no longer needed in today’s world.

However, what cannot be overlooked is the high success rate of the marriage, which traditionally takes place according to Kundli coincidences. Hence people think it is just a coincidence that love matchmaking is necessary for love marriage.

Love astrology and marriage horoscope matching go hand in hand and provide the most accurate predictions needed for a happy life with your loved ones

When Kundalini coincides, astrologers analyze the star map of the bride and groom and analyze certain components, and put them together to examine their collective effects. Marriage horoscope matching for marriage usually falls into eight categories. They are Varna Koota (social play), Vasya Koota (control, vulnerability), Dina Koota (health, family happiness), Yoni Koota (sexual attraction), Graha Maitram (spiritual bonding), Gana Koota (character play), Rashi Koota (some common indications) and Nadi Kooa (physiological accidents, heredity).

Therefore, Ashta Koota’s match point is counted from 36, and if the Kundli match can win 18 points or more, it is considered a good match.
The traditional process of free Kundal Reconciliation cannot guarantee a long, happy, and successful marriage without the problems of attachment and adultery.

Love marriage does not guarantee this either. Love marriages usually have a more open view of friendship and relationships outside of marriage. And even if the marriage fails, you can survive and even thrive. In the marriage, after the love kundli match, the couple is tied head and heart, and they have to develop as one.

Couples must follow love astrology to check their compatibility with each other and counter any dosh found in their horoscopes

When a couple in love who wants to get married traditionally cannot achieve the desired result through suitable love astrology, fortune tellers suggest a solution that will ensure a happy family life. They include:

  • Sing prayers that will please the fertility goddess, discuss your sexual likes and dislikes with your partner and work things out as a team.
  • Ghana dosha is the main factor causing the tense scenario that emerges from the Kundli marriage clash. This is an assessment of temperament tolerance. 
  • If boys and girls are both stubborn and aggressive, family life can be turbulent so marriage prediction is a must at certain cases.
  • When Kundli Milan doesn’t get good results, one should try to be as patient and rational as possible. If you keep your mind open and practice mind exercises like yoga, you can act more constructively.
  • Yoga is also essential for love marriage with free online marriage-matching. It allows girls and boys to get an overview of areas of life that aren’t on the romance radar, including infidelity, infertility, health and life expectancy, etc.


Kundli matchmaking is one of the most important aspects of love astrology because it predicts the compatibility of the one you want to marry                                                                                                                            Coincidentally by match-making kundali, four houses – 5, 7, 8, and 11 – are carefully examined to predict love marriage yoga in one’s life. The signs of Scorpio, Cancer, and Pisces and the planets Mars, Venus, Rahu, Moon, and Mercury, contribute significantly to the effect of yoga. Partners may already be aware of factors such as ambition, love, anger, temperament, friendship, and other intangible parameters in a romantic relationship. However, studying the Yoga of Love in kundali matching for marriage will help you understand it better and prepare you to better deal with it in times of crisis.

However, love cannot withstand any obstacles, and that is fundamentally true. Therefore, instead of stooping or ignoring skeptical statements, love astrology helps individuals develop perspective and better prepare themselves for the world, which is often a joy when dreams are crushed under the weight of reality.

Free love matches online can help, but it can only help to a certain extent because whether it’s a love marriage or an arranged marriage, the outcome is determined by those involved. This is a question boys and girls have to ask the elves. Marriage is a lifelong commitment that always has many ups and downs. With the right partner, travel can be overwhelming.

Always find the right match for yourself through the best love astrology. Get matched with the love of your life

If you’re sure you’ve found the right match, you don’t have to worry about love astrology. At last, it is upon you to decide your love life. If boy and girl give up on each other and dare to prove the culprit wrong, then no Kundal can stop you. Incorporating the Kundali for a wedding is a traditional method and is very flexible. If there are differences and those involved fall in love, there are solutions to try. Hoot, guna has 7 points, and Nadi has 8 points in the kundali match. If any of the two points in this Kundali Match table shows 0 points, the person talks about a handicap.

Everyone’s horoscope shows his pulse depending on the moon’s position in a different constellation or nakshatra at the time of his birth. If both the bride and groom have the same pulse, a score of 0 is added, and it is said that a dosh pulse is formed. If they have different pulses, a score of 8 is added to the scatter plot so that the position of the moon at birth generally does not match. But in Kundli Milano, there are many pujas and mantras to be chanted, and the effect of their dosha is lessened.

  • Song of Maha Mrityunjaya Jaap
  • Donating clothes, cows, and grain to the needy and the poor
  • Some various yantras and gemstones reduce the harmful effects of Nadi dosh.

To avoid instances where the Kundal diverges, contact the top astrologers for your natal chart solution. Kundli matching for horoscope matching plays an important role during the marriage. Marriage is also one of the most beautiful moments in one’s life.

Everyone wants a good husband with whom they can create good memories and feel happy. This is the realm of true human happiness. If marriage is an important aspect in India, people nowadays are very interested in finding the perfect life partner.

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