Mental Health Awareness: Implementation of THC

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It is nearly impossible not to talk about mental health when you talk about health and well-being right? Though some think of the words “mental health” as some illness that consists of neurological problems, it’s very important to consider knowing about this before you engage in a conversation. Considering having a conversation about mental health. Some people may ask you about various medications to take if they are struggling with theirs, and that is where THC comes in. If you are unfamiliar with this medication, let this article be your guide in knowing more about mental health and THC remedies. 

What is Mental Health? 

Mental health refers to a person’s mental well-being. It does not only refer to mental illnesses, but it includes the whole study of a healthy mind’s health and the unhealthy one. Mental health encompasses an individual’s emotional, psychological, and social well-being. It is the study of how an individual handles stress, relationships, and decision-making.

Mental Health and THC

As mentioned, mental health refers to the study of a healthy person’s brain and an unhealthy one. Thus, this also studies the flow and function of a brain that suffers from neurological issues such as depression, anxiety, seizures, paranoia, schizophrenia, and more. 

How does THC relate to mental health? THC is a cannabis drug known for its extraordinary effects on mental health. It has been studied, experimented with, and proven to be an effective remedy for various neurological issues. Depending on the dose intake, the effects may vary. Direct intake may cause stronger effects and stronger effects may cause complicated aftermath.

THC comes in different medical forms for easier and more efficient consumption for patients. Also depending on the dose needed for the medication. THC drug also comes in different levels knowingly as delta 8, delta 9, and delta 10 (stronger doses have been established). As mentioned, these doses come in different forms, including delta 8 gummies, pills, candies, dried plants for inhalation, and the list goes on for delta 9 and 10. 

Delta 8 THC is a mixture between CBD and Delta 9 THC, resulting in a consumer getting high but not as strong as intaking delta 9. On top of that, it offers many health benefits, typically relieving pain, nausea, inflammation, loss of appetite, insomnia, depression, anxiety, and even seizures. 

When you are about to take delta 8, it is important to remember to go slow as the effects of delta 8 may vary on the level of dosage, start by taking 5-10 mg and wait to see how it makes you feel. This kind of drug usually comes in oil, gummies, supplements, direct inhalation, and even injectables. 

Delta 8 THC is a mixture between CBD and Delta 9 THC, resulting in a consumer getting high but not as strong as intaking delta 9. On top of that, it offers many health benefits, typically relieving pain, nausea, inflammation, loss of appetite, insomnia, depression, anxiety, and even seizures. 

As said, the effects may vary depending on the level of dosage intake. Delta 8 has psychoactive and intoxicating effects. Meaning a consumer might get high and experience a feeling of euphoria, relaxation, drowsiness, sleepiness, or even hyperactivity. If the drug is administered you may experience the following:

How does this benefit a consumer’s mental health?

THC cannabis drug is widely used for medical reasons and is still used to prevent further neurological diseases. THC drug has been known for its medical benefits and this includes the remedy for the following illnesses:

  1. Reduces Depression and Anxiety – THC works like magic on depression and anxiety, it helps regulate your body’s blood and lower the chances of depressive thoughts and anxiety.
  2. Seizures – Data from consumers’ rate of effectiveness suggests that delta-8 THC exerts its initial anticonvulsant effect by limiting the spread of epileptic attacks.
  3. Low Appetite – Though every consumer’s experience may vary, delta-8 THC can stimulate your appetite and make you feel hungry. 
  4. Pain Relief – pain relief and relaxation are two major seen effects of intaking delta-8. It is proven to relax your body and give you a feeling of euphoria.

CBD can also cause a loss of appetite. Thus, it can eventually reduce a consumer’s weight through constant consumption. Weight loss may be beneficial to some people while being a disadvantage to others. The explanation for this is that cannabidiol actually turns bad fat into good ones, and this transformation burns calories. Thus making weight loss a side effect for a consumer. 

Aside from all the benefits listed above, the list continues. As medical professionals try their best to create more and more remedies for sicknesses we thought were incurable. THC delta-8 and delta-9 both have distinctive effects and may vary depending on the dose administered.Delta 8 has been discovered to have an anxiolytic effect. In other words, it can help you ease stress and relax, it also helps with anxiety and panic attacks. If delta 8 is taken, it targets the CB1 receptors in the brain (it plays an important role in modulating psychoactive activities). Delta 8 helps your body unwind and ease muscle tension, hence the effectiveness of easing anxiety and stress. 


Overall, the usage of THC cannabis drugs has been found legal in over 40 states in the U.S and is still in use for medical and personal reasons. As a cautious reminder to the consumers. It will be best to responsibly consider the number of intakes appropriate. And avoid abusing the usage of this drug as it can lead to more severe problems. And could even cause more harm than good.

In the world of cannabis, delta 8 THC is like a middle ground between CBD and delta 9 THC. It does make you high, unlike CBD, but it is not as intense as delta 9. Its euphoric effects are described as relaxing and peaceful. Delta-8 can significantly help with mental health issues such as depression and anxiety. Thus, it can strengthen one’s mental health and boost their appetite. It can also relieve pain and nausea, proven helpful during cancer treatments. A recent study has also shown that delta-8 is an efficient painkiller. That would prevent you from having muscle spasms and nerve dysfunction.