Mental Tricks for Boosting Your Golf Game

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Many golfers and golf psychologists would say that your mental game can significantly affect your overall golf performance. Since everything starts with your thought processes and decisions, we’d say around 75% of golf is mental.

For instance, the decision to focus on the perfect technique or let yourself go with the flow and be adaptable influences your further golf game development. Also, your food and equipment choices occur in your mind first and then affect your game positively or negatively. 

The point is, everything at first occurs on your mental plane. Therefore, working on the mental part of the game can immensely improve your performance on the course. Likewise, not working enough on this part can affect it negatively. Keep on reading to discover more!

How to Mentally Prepare for a Round of Golf?

Have you ever heard people talk about ‘’the zone’’? It’s a relaxed state of mind, free of thoughts. Getting in ‘’the zone’’ helps approach a round of golf without disturbing distractions, which, in turn, helps focus on what matters. 

Overdoing preparations and thinking about golf too much before tournaments and competitions can lead to increased anxiety levels and high scores that you could otherwise avoid. That’s why it’s a good idea to relax and approach golf with a sense of freedom and trust.

Set Your Golf Goals

To improve your mental game, first, set your golf goals. And by this, I mean specific, measurable goals. It will help you focus on particular parts of the play, which will result in faster progress.

Also, this way you’ll see exactly how much you’ve improved, in which areas, and for what time. Regarding measures and tracking progress, you can check it all at indoor golf Manhattan on one of the sophisticated simulators.

Create a Winning Mindset

Golfers with a growth mindset tend to learn faster and achieve more. Likewise, those with a fixed mindset who believe they can only get to a certain level most often come only to that particular level. The same goes for everyday life.

To develop a winning mindset, you need to see failure as a necessary part of learning. This way, you will stop avoiding challenges, decrease pessimism and boost confidence.

Have a Pre-Shot Routine

Being comfortable on the golf course positively affects the performance. Most great golfers have a repetitive pre-shot routine to help them achieve a relaxed state of mind. No surprise, since repetitive actions calm us down, which, as we already mentioned, helps us center and perform better. So, find a suitable routine and see how things change.


Golf can produce so much stress that it triggers the ‘’fight or flight’’ response in your body. Your mind starts to race, your blood pressure increases, and your heart beats much faster. These things make it pretty hard to center and stay in ‘’the zone’’.

A simple and effective way to calm yourself down is to monitor your breathing. The great thing about this is that you can do it anytime. You can start by practicing at home. Notice how fast you are breathing, the rhythm and from which part of the body. Then take a few deep breaths from your stomach and see how it helps to calm you down.

Stop Making Excuses

When you make an excuse, you give control over your golf game to an external factor. Naturally, when external factors are at play, there isn’t much you can do to improve your performance. If you take responsibility and do what you need to do, you have much bigger chances of improving it. The power lies within.

Manage Your Expectations

If you want to be as happy as successful, you need to learn to manage your expectations and not be too hard on yourself. Although you need to have faith in yourself, you also need to be aware of your body’s capabilities. 

Being depressed because you can’t succeed with a single technique doesn’t make sense because there are many others. Just try them out and find the one that suits you. And remember, golf is a game, and it should be fun above all.

Final Thoughts

All in all, it’s safe to conclude that your mental state immensely affects your overall golf game. Putting yourself in ‘’the zone’’ can have an incredibly positive impact on the way you play. You can do this by creating a growth mindset that will allow you to develop your skills much more than a fixed mindset. 

Having a pre-shot routine has proved valuable for many great golfers, and it can help you too! Also, getting rid of excuses and taking responsibility for your wins and failures will give you more control over your further development. Implement these few mental tricks and see your golf game reach a whole new level!