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Mercedes GLC is one of the best cars in the market, fulfilling your requirements according to your comfort level. Mercedes is always very conscious about safety features and have updates its features to feel you safe and sound. The brand name GLC depends on two parts, one is divided in GL the contraction of GELANDEWAGEN, A German word specifically used for off road vehicle or also known as SUV and now C which Mercedes only used to denote its mid-size cars like C-class saloon.

When we put it together, GLC tells you that the car is mid-size SUV. Mercedes has different versions like 220d and 300d are fitted as same with 2.0-liter diesel. They are designed differently as they produce 191 and 242 bhp. The 220d have up to 47.9 mpg and it also contains CO2 emission starting at 156g/km, while from 300d we can expect 42mpg and 176g/km. This car is an upmarket SUV having interior of excellent quality and plenty of space inside it.


Mercedes GLC is really an upmarket vehicle and its absolutely very gorgeous from outside and as well as from inside. In fact, if you spend some time in the car you must be get used of this luxury environment. The already capable Mercedes GLC 220 d is the pick model of current engine line up with strong and smooth performance.

The performance of 220d is more than adequate. This GLC is based on 2litre, four-cylinder diesel engine having outputs of 191 bhp and 400Nm. Mercedes GLC contains attractive and well-built interior, also has enough room for front and rear occupants that feels comfortable. The people sitting on back have facility of heater controls which rarely surprising. The boot contains about 550-litre of space in which you can adjust much luggage or whatever you want.

The GLC is at its best when driven in a loose, rough way than on lively off roads. Albeit all models have smart dampers as standard, they appear to be upgraded for absorbing knocks and improving ride comfort instead of giving more keen reactions. When it comes towards Safety features Mercedes is scoring five stars when it was tested as a crash by EURO NCAP. The score was impressive as 95% in the adult occupant category protection and as well as 89% in child occupant protection category.


The GLC feels like a class above in its quality. Every surface in the interior feels like expensive looking and feels like classy. The new steering wheel looks like S-class and multiple number of colors of ambient lighting. The wheel also contains small touch pad system to control the settings. The seats are designed well including the temperature control beside the driver seat. The temperature can be controlled depending on your mood. The back seats have much space for the passengers to travel.

There is much more space in head room as well as in knee room. The pockets behind the driver and passenger seats are much useful with multiple USB ports in the middle of them to give service for the passengers at the back. The side door pockets are very useful to carry some useful stuff like water bottle etc. Also, a side arm rest having some space as well.

The wheel material is soft and touchy, the halfway mounted infotainment screen is fresh to take look with pure graphics and attractive response, and the middle support has enough options like buttons to reach important functions in reach without trying too hard. Around evening time, as well, the inside lighting makes a soothing and premium vibe too.

The touch screen is about 10.25 inches which adds an ultra-modern look to the cabin. The touch screen response is very effective. It also offers a voice-assistance, you can take help by calling HEY MERCEDES with the two mics placed strategically on the drive and passenger side as well. The voice will appear what can I do for you and It will follow your instructions as you want. There is also a built in SIM connection but live searches area available just only for navigation as you ask for the nearest place and also allows you to change the radio broadcast, change the atmosphere control settings.

You can also use the touchscreen from the touch pad down there. The interior shines when you sit behind the wheel. The entire design looks like same as C-class saloon, as there is solid like metal gearbox and clear instruments. The center of the dashboard is overwhelmed by a solitary sparkle dark sheet that begins from just under the infotainment screen and swipes down to interface with the middle area. The air vents are very classic, as they have been taken from the vintage aircraft straightly.


The GLC and the speaking of eyes looks very different because the LED lights on the GLC220d has horizontal array of LED lamps that replace the projector beam units. It looks quite sophisticated that is really a good-looking face.

The outer edges look broader and the nose looks sharper and, in the bargain, the GLC has lost a bit of the visual aggression but the new elegance is in line with the new familial design that Mercedes Benz has adopted from its crossovers and the SUV’s.

The taillights also follow the familial design theme to the outer shape. The real feel about the sportiness to the design is presence of four diffuser fangs at the rear.

The Mercedes GLC delivers about 550 liters of space with all five seats placed and about 1600 litres when you fold them down. It has large space of luggage capacity. The keyless entry for boot is very good, you can open the boot by just pressing the button. Inside the boot you got hooks to hold the luggage easily.


The new Mercedes GLC provides many safety features to keep driver and passengers safe and sound. Many of the assistive technologies have been installed in GLC for the safety purpose.

Air bags are adjusted in different places inside the vehicle to prevent you from numerous damages during the sudden attack. The technologies include a rearview camera, a monitor with blind spot, adaptive braking system and much more.

In the emergency conditions the GLC is prepared with the PRESAFE advanced technology. On the difficult situation that a circumstance emerges where the vehicle is unsteady, at that point the front safety belts are fixed tightly, including front seats, and all windows are shut. On the off chance that you don’t wind up getting into a mishap, you can correct the seat and open the windows back up. A semi-self-sufficient driving technology is accessible.

This makes versatile journey control a stride further, keeping a protected separation from the vehicle in front, guiding the vehicle in the event that you float out of your path and slowing down consequently on the off chance that it identifies an approaching crash. Safety features about Mercedes scored five stars when it was tested as a crash by EURO NCAP. The score was impressive as 95% in the adult occupant category protection and as well as 89% in child occupant protection category.


The GLC can take on this scope of adversaries since it has a wide model arrangement, from the GLC 220 d and GLC 300 machines, as far as possible up to the raging AMG GLC 63 variations. Accordingly, costs range from simply over £40,000 to around £90,000.


The GLC Coupe has been fettled to give a more cheerful drive than its normal SUV partner. Notwithstanding, it actually can’t coordinate the feeling of inclusion you get in the driver’s seat of a Porsche Macan or Jaguar F-Pace – the two of which were planned from the beginning to be compensating driver’s vehicles. The greatest frustration is the directing, which is outfitted more towards managing the impressive load of the GLC than furnishing you with input.

It’s a disgrace on the grounds that there’s heaps of hold from the enormous tires, and as the wheels are mounted far separated, the GLC has an extraordinary sensation of steadiness. It’s in sharp corners where the impediments of the GLC Coupe’s SUV-determined suspension become clear, with huge portions of body fit. The present circumstance improves uniquely in vehicles with Mercedes’ air-suspension framework, however – in Sport mode, the directing is made heavier (in spite of the fact that there’s no improvement in feel) and the suspension gets stiffer.

This keeps the vehicle upstanding in corners however at the expense of a firmer ride. Travelers will incline toward the Comfort mode, which is far smoother, and truly, you won’t pass up all that much fun. The more solidly sprung BMW X4 feels more athletic yet less unwinding subsequently.

The 220d and 300d both use renditions of a 2.0-liter four-chamber diesel motor, which has just demonstrated its value in numerous other Mercedes models, including the Mercedes A-Class and the normal GLC. It’s a further developed motor than the 2.1-liter it replaces and stays smooth except if pushed right as far as possible.

Running Cost:

Our #1 model, the 191bhp 220d, returns up to 48.7mpg, which is a genuinely noteworthy figure for a major, rich SUV. Move up to the 300d and eco-friendliness barely tumbles either, with up to 44.1mpg mirroring the reality this is really a similar motor, simply in a higher condition of tune.

With CO2 discharges of 145g/km, the GLC 220d sits directly over the edge for the top 37% Benefit-in-Kind (BiK) organization vehicle charge, so it’s joined by the 159g/km GLC 300d.

Petroleum motor

The petroleum motor found in the GLC 300 brings Mercedes’ ‘EQ Boost’ 48-volt gentle crossover innovation to the GLC unexpectedly, catching energy as you delayed down and utilizing it to help to quicken and increment ‘motor off’ drifting and holding up in rush hour gridlock. Everything functions admirably, and eco-friendliness of up to 34.9mpg with 175g/km CO2 discharges are genuinely good figures, regardless of whether BiK stays 37%.

Dispatched in 2020, a module mixture GLC 300e is additionally accessible, matching a 2.0-liter petroleum motor, electric engine, and 13.5kWh battery. At the point when completely energized. This arrangement can give an electric scope of around 25 miles, assisting the vehicle with accomplishing 113mpg with CO2 discharges of 54g/km. This feature economy figure will depend. As a rule on the amount you charge the battery and the number of miles you drive every day. Notwithstanding, the low CO2 figure is vital as it places the GLC Coupe in a low BiK band. Making it more reasonable for business drivers.

In the event that you dodge the choices show, it’s only conceivable to purchase a GLC. For under £40,000 – the boundary at which yearly Vehicle Excise Duty (street charge) increments from £145 to £465 every year. The last figure is required for the initial five years of possession. It drops back to £145 consistently from that point.

Protection bunches for the facelifted GLC Coupe haven’t been affirmed at this point yet. Extravagance SUVs are regularly costly to cover and gatherings are probably going to traverse 30-40 out of 50. All GLC models appreciate a similar three-year/limitless mileage guarantee. That covers all UK-enrolled Mercedes and equivalents the strategy offered by BMW.

Overhauling is required once per year or 15,000 miles. And fixed-value plans are accessible to cover booked upkeep for most mileage necessities. An arrangement to cover solitary yearly assistance for a GLC 250d Coupe works out at around £30 per month.


The field of reduced extravagance hybrids is a varied blend of extravagant and lively. And the 2021 Mercedes-Benz GLC-class is a greater amount of the previous than the last mentioned.

While Mercedes offers two better forms of politeness of the brand’s AMG region. The standard model is more centered around style and refinement. Obviously, the individuals who think those attributes are charming. However need something more style-forward can pick the slanted back GLC-class roadster, surveyed independently. Despite body style, the GLCs are spurred by a turbocharged four-chamber, and it makes this SUV shockingly speedy.

The square back Benz likewise remembers a fitting for half breed (PHEV). Model that has higher efficiency gauges than its PHEV rivals. The 2021 GLC-class isn’t as amusing to drive as its sportier companions. Yet it is unquestionably one of the more lavish choices in its group.


The 2020 Mercedes-Benz GLC-Class has tended to pretty much every interest purchasers of conservative extravagance SUVs have made. It has refinement and style that many will discover to be difficult to coordinate. The invigorates made in 2020 are additionally huge.

The standard infotainment framework might be truly outstanding in the class. The standard 10.5-inch touchscreen and wise voice acknowledgment framework. Are an incredible beginning stage for any purchaser searching for a definitive refinement that vehicles in this classification guarantee.

The finely definite inside of the GLC-Class. And the cockpit-like plan of the AMG adaptation are additionally a thoroughly examined idea. The assortment of choices for inside and outside the same are magnificent on the 2020 Mercedes-Benz GLC-Class.

Motor choices

The motor choices range from the absolute generally proficient to probably the most powerful to lure purchasers of any attitude. The light-footed and reduced plan of the roadster adaptation. Of the GLC-Class adds one more layer to the choices accessible from this model. The GLC-Class might be perhaps the most powerful conservative extravagance SUVs accessible.

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