Migration Trends to Australia Likely to Increase Post-COVID-19: Travel Experts

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After several weeks of held mostly at home and with the prospect of more to come, people from all over the globe will be wistfully dreaming of their first opportunity to head out for a well-earned holiday, restart their PR process and even pursue their long-awaited educational prospects in Australia. Travel experts are confident about Australia’s migration trends when coronavirus-induced travel bans are lifted.

Ms. Thara S Namboothiri, Flyworld, Director & Co-founder/ Principal Lawyer
Ms. Thara S Namboothiri, Flyworld, Director & Co-founder/ Principal Lawyer


The skills and jobs in demand in the workplace have altered considerably in recent times as a result of major global trends: rapid technological innovation, increased globalisation, and ageing populations, among others. These trends have led to the emergence and expansion of many sectors and occupations. Even within existing occupations the tasks performed by workers and the skills needed to perform them have undergone significant change. These changes contribute to imbalances between the demand and supply of skills in the country. Industries and occupations in which Australia has a shortage of skills-health, agriculture, community service, engineering etc. will see a rise in demand and migrant workers will soon be welcomed to make up for this deficit. Workers and students from all over the world and most commonly from countries like India and UAE would be able to travel to Australia to fulfil their career and education prospects post the lockdown.


Commenting on the situation, Ms. Thara S Namboothiri, Flyworld, said, “As each state and territory unveils its travel plans, in line with the Federal Government’s framework, the road to immigration opportunities becomes clearer with time. We expect an upsurge of migrant and student applications as soon as the lockdown ends globally. Australia responded promptly to the pandemic and contained the situation well in advance. It became one of the least affected amongst all western countries. Arguably Australia is the number one choice for migrants as it has wealth and infrastructure to share and grow.”


Australia has an internationally recognised education system. Students finishing their course in Australia are job-ready. The system allows people to work while studying to gain more exposure. Students get exposure to international communities which provides them with much confidence to work in any environment. Individuals planning to work in other western countries are also able to get hands-on experience in Australia.


Australia’s population is at lower ranges of world population despite its size. Hence Australia is keen to provide Permanent Residency and citizenship to aspiring and suitable candidates. Another noteworthy fact is that the country encourages dual citizenship. There are special programs for parents and other family members to join.


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