Moving With A Large Family – How To Have A Smooth Transition

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Moving is a big responsibility for everyone. Whether you are moving alone or with a large family, there is so much to do when you decide to relocate. But when you are planning to move with a big family, there are many things you need to consider. 


Apart from hiring NYC commercial movers, it would help if you went the extra mile for the process to go on smoothly. For example, you need to involve everyone when moving. If the whole family does not feel engaged, you might have some problems.


Below are a few tips on having a smooth transition when relocating with a large family.  


Tips for Relocating with a Big Family


  1. Hold a family discussion

Once you decide to relocate, having a family discussion will work wonders, so gather every family member and let them know the reasons for moving and how it will benefit them. 


With an open and candid conversation, everyone will share their opinions and ideas about the move. Moreover, they will give ideas on how the process should be handled. However, the meeting should be non-judgmental to allow every family member to express their feelings without fear. 


Nevertheless, you should be ready for any concerns, especially for your children. It is also good to discuss the benefits and disadvantages of the move. If the move must happen, you need to do your best to make everyone comfortable. 


Keep in mind that every family member should be heard. Whether they have genuine concerns or are just kids fearing to move, everyone deserves to be heard. 


  1. Make your family feel included

Relocating is a significant event for everyone. Some may be excited about the move, while others may feel they are not well involved. In addition, children may feel powerless when moving is concerned. 


Hence, it is important to make them feel part of the process. Keep in mind that moving will disrupt their routine, and they have friends and things they are leaving behind. 


So, when you get them involved, you will make them feel excited about it. One way to ensure everyone is involved in letting them choose the paint and décor for their new rooms. 


Also, you can allow them to declutter and pack their personal items, give them a chance to say goodbye to their friends and classmates, and let them stay focused on the positive aspects of relocation. This will make them enjoy the process and look forward to the transition. 


  1. Agree on the best time to relocate

When moving with a big family, there are many factors you need to consider. One key thing to check is time. For example, you need to think of when the school starts or ends. 


Therefore, even as you plan to relocate with your family, make sure you factor in everything that can make the process stressful. Other factors you need to consider include when the new job starts, holidays coming up, lease agreement, and when you can sell your house. 


When you consider all the above factors, you will be able to agree on the best time to relocate. Moreover, you will factor in all things that can affect the time of the move. 


  1. Have a clear plan and timetable

It is important to have a clear plan and timetable when relocating with your family. This will ensure you have a smooth process. Therefore, take everyone’s plans and schedule into account and set a timetable that favors everyone. 


Also, make sure every family member knows what to expect and the roles they need to play. If they need to start packing early, let them know the best time to get started. 


Even though it is important to be flexible, having a timetable will help. However, when an unexpected happens, be prepared to handle it. Some things may come up and change what you had planned. 


  1. Be organized

Apart from having a timetable, ensuring the process is organized is essential. Being organized means getting the packing supplies on time, researching to hire a reliable moving company, inventorying your belongings, packing on time, labeling the boxes, and changing your address on time. Moving with a large family


If you plan to have a DIY move, make sure you have enough people to help you pack and carry the big boxes. But if you are planning on hiring a professional moving company like prestige movers, research or ask for recommendations on time. 


If everyone involved remains organized, everything will go on well, and you will likely have a smooth and stress-free moving process. 


  1. Make the process fun

When moving with a large family, especially when kids are involved, making the process as fun as possible is essential. However, making it enjoyable is also suitable for adults. 


Keep in mind that moving can be tiresome and very stressful. So, you need to focus on the positive things and relax a little. Even though there are many tasks you need to handle, you need to look for ways how you can make it fun. 


Everyone will enjoy the process, give themselves entirely, and enjoy being in the new home by making it fun. For instance, you can have cool music play as you pack and get some refreshments to make the process lively and fun. 



Moving with a large family is not a simple task. But if you are well prepared and organized, you can experience a smooth and stress-free process. If you feel the tasks are more than you can handle, the best option is to engage professionals. 


By hiring a professional moving company such as NYC movers, you will be sure the process will be smooth. This is because they are experienced and are better equipped to handle small and big tasks.