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Must have equipment for security guards

Must have equipment for security guards

The job of a security guard considers protecting individuals and secure the property from vandalism and theft. To effectively perform these duties, security guards require adequate equipment. Depending on the type of security they provide and the level of risk, security guard requires different tools to meet the needs of their liabilities. In today’s post, security guard patrol will discuss various equipment security guards often encounter to provide their services. 

1. Flashlights

Fleshlight is usually carried around a belt and is used to illuminate points with low light. Flashlights are especially useful in patrolling parking lots, staircases, basements, and other parts of a property that might be attractive to intruders for their insufficiently lit. Additionally, in cases of electric power failure, security guards require a fleshlight so they continue to secure property and people.

Fleshlights are considered basic equipment for every kind of security guard.


Although some security guards are hired to protect discreetly by staying unnoticeable, most security guards are employed so they can be highly visible. Security guard uniform sends the clear message that a place or a person has security, so it should deter potential offenders and keep visitors feeling safer with a security guard on site. 

The uniform considers a high-visible closing that obviously points out that the person wearing that uniform is a security guard. Another important part of the uniform is boots, especially if a security guard is supposed to stand a lot or perform long distances and continuous patrolling. Additionally, boots have a protective function and even can be considered a kind of weapon in some situations.

Highly-visible clothing that distinguishes security guards from a crowd is a way to be recognized and acknowledged as an authority.

3. Baton

Baton is a part of the equipment that, similar to uniform, serves as a deterrence even if not used. Having a baton around a belt sends a clear sign that a security guard has a tools and is authorized to use them if dangerous situations. This is usually enough to discourage potential lawbreakers to act. 

To be legally authorized to carry a baton security guards need to undergo a baton-handling training.

4. Pepper spray

Even though a paper spray is considered a low-danger piece of equipment that is unable to cause serious injuries, it is very effective in repelling and subduing the attacker. The ingredients in pepper spray cause burning sensations, huge discomfort, and even a temporary blindness which is often enough to overcome offenders, and can provide enough time for a security guard to act in a certain way to call a backup or law enforcement. 

5. Smartphones

Smartphones are requisite security guard equipment. They serve to call a security guard to come to the place of the incident. Additionally, security guards use them to photograph surroundings and record suspicious activities and people. In cases of incidents and lawsuits, having a video documented actions that have occurred can be crucial as a proof in a court.

A smartphone is a tool that security guards use to contact police, medical staff, fire department, or other state services in case of need.

6. A taser

Taser is a non-lethal tool considered a weapon. To be used, an offender should be at least close to 15 feet from a security guard. Although taser can not cause any serious bodily harm, it produces electric shocks and temporary incapacity. This is often enough for a security guard to restrain a criminal and provides enough time for a security guard to call a backup or law enforcement. Because of the effect taser provides, it is required to be handled carefully and seriously.

7. Gun

In some workplaces security guards are not considered as ones with high risks, therefore security guard equipment doesn`t require a gun in its arsenal. However, security guards often are hired to secure persons and property which entails a significant safety risk. These occurrences usually consider a situation that requires necessary force. For this reason, security guards might require to wear firearms. 

The gun is a potentially deadly weapon and can cause serious bodily harm. The security guards must undergo serious training and expertise to get a license for carrying a gun.

Stat and legal regulations prescribe the predispositions and requirements that security guards must meet and fulfill to be licensed for having a gun. These jurisprudences might be diverse in different states.


Without proper and corresponding equipment in the workplace, security guards will hardly be capable to provide their services at an adequate level. As their job is to provide safety and security and withdraws various risks, being without adequate tools makes the security guard’s job almost impossible. The equipment serves as a deteriorate for troublemakers, thieves, and potentially violent people. On the other hand, different equipment pieces protect themself and their clients. 


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