Number System – The Base of Elementary Mathematics

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The number system is regarded as the base of elementary Mathematics. It has been observed that the base of Mathematics. To develop a firm grip on the subject, it is critical to understand the number system. It helps in solving complex problems. Without having an idea of the number system, one cannot solve the other complex problems of higher classes. This is the reason why this topic is focused upon from the lower classes.

The students who do not have adequate knowledge about the number system have to lead with a lot of problems. If students develop clarity on this topic then they can easily solve all the complex problems. This statement indicates the importance of the number system. It forms the backbone of basic Mathematics. The number system helps the students in all types of computations ranging from simpler problems to complex ones. One of the most critical components of the number system is the number line.

The number line is basically a straight line that can be considered as a pictorial representation of numbers. Every single point of the number line represents an ordinary number. This line helps the students of the lower classes in performing the basic computations like addition and subtraction. It acts as a stepping stone for the students that leads them into higher Mathematics. It also gives the students an idea about the various numbers.

It also represents the idea that every single point of a straight line represents a certain value. It is important to analyze that value so that it can be used in calculations. This line also plays a key role in algebra. It is used to explain and deduce many important concepts of algebra. This is the reason why it is so essential to study this line. This article discusses the various concepts that have been stated in this line and the fundamentals of the number system.

Fundamentals of number system:

  • States the importance of a straight line: The number line states the fact every single point in a straight line represents a numerical value. All one needs to do is to understand those values and use them for important computations.
  • Integers: Another important component of the number line are the various integer that are present in every single point. Integers represent positive and negative values. They help a student in studying the importance of the sign before a number. After studying this line, one is able to solve all the complex problems that deal with many complex computations.
  • Helps in comparing two numbers: This line plays an instrumental role in comparing two numbers. It helps the students in developing clarity between the values of two numbers.
  • Deduces certain intervals: The number line also helps the students in determining certain intervals between which the answer of a complex problem would lie. The answer can then be verified by putting the values present in those intervals manually in the equation given and calculating the desired result. It is crucial to practice this method as it helps in solving many complex problems that appear in higher classes.

This article is an attempt to cover all the important aspects of a number line. The number line is a very important concept that should be clear to all students who wish to score good marks in Mathematics. Many students have worked hard on this particular topic and performed exceptionally well in the examination. This topic is also asked in various examinations.

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This article will play an instrumental role in explaining to the readers and the terminologies of the number line and its significance. It will develop clarity in their minds.

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