Online Games on the Rise

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The trend of online games is rising, players have more entertainment playing them rather than other games. These games are also known as e-games and the industry is called e-sports. According to Statista, in 2019 the share in the sale of digital video games is 81% leaving 17% for physical sports. There are multiple reasons why gamers are more interested in e-games instead of outdoor games.

Below are the reasons why the online gaming trend is rising:

  • They have ease of access, one can play them using a mobile phone or computer. It does not require players to wear some gear or playground. It needs a gaming gadget and good internet for gameplay, which is easily achievable.
  • Online games are cheaper to play, as most of them are free. Contrary to this, other games take huge costs like purchasing footballs and arranging a court for them. Once a user has bought a mobile phone, he can play through it for years.
  • Physical games have limited gameplay and gaming modes. Online games give numerous gameplays, gaming environments and gaming modes. These have an attractive interface that keeps a gamer engaged with them.
  • The best thing that proves to be one of the primary reasons for its popularity was remote gaming. A player does not have to visit some location, he can play it while staying at home. During Covid-19 lock down, this ease gives a boost to online gaming. People were bound to stay at home, so they started playing games for entertainment and time-pass.
  • Online games are available on many platforms, giving vast usability.

Below are the platforms that support online games:

  • Mobile Phone: Online games are available in the form of apps on mobile phones. The gaming apps have numerous categories for players of every age
  • Computers: Games played on the computer have more charming gameplay because of the big screen and additional controls
  • Gaming Consoles: They have a limited number of users because they are expensive. It gives the best gaming experience because it loads the graphics more quickly

Are Online Games Secure?

Nothing in an online environment is secure likewise in online games. There are numerous scams and other crimes associated with online games. As the online games now have money involved in them that open doors for financial scams. Below are the types of cybercrime in online games

Account Takeover

As games are played using online accounts, they can be hacked or taken over also. This can be done by gaining access to their account credentials through phishing or other social engineering tactics. Gamers became the victim of these attacks and often lost their gaming accounts.

Payment Frauds

These frauds are done through in-game purchases and virtual currencies. These can be purchased using real money or by winning tasks. Scammers hack gaming accounts and transfer virtual money in their gaming wallets. The other way is targeting kids and taking over their accounts by manipulating or deceiving them.


As there is no age filter in e-games, that causes cyberbullying and online harassment. Usually, kids fall prey to this, in which they suffer vulgar words and bad language. This can affect kids’ mental growth.

“Know Your Player” for the Rescue

The process of verifying a player’s identity, age and citizenship is known as know your player. The same service is used by financial institutions to mitigate frauds and scams. An online player will be verified during account sign-up through his identity documents. He just has to upload a selfie holding an ID to the verification software. The KYP software will perform facial recognition, document validation and authentication in real-time. The results will be delivered in seconds, taking no extra time.

Summing it Up

Online games can be secured from all types of scams and other crimes by player identification. The player age verification will help in preventing kids from the above-mentioned issues. The gaming businesses will have more player’s engagement and a better reputation in the market. Knowing your player will also benefit in regulatory compliance.