Pandemic Preventive Strategies by Industrial Cleaning Companies

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Humanity has experienced the spread of viruses throughout a whole continent, but nothing has been deadlier than this Coronavirus pandemic. This harmful virus has spread across the world and in many phases. The aftermath of this virus has been vast, affecting all aspects of private life and businesses. There are many strategies to stop the spread of the virus, but hiring industrial cleaning services is one that all can afford.

Types Of Industrial Cleaning Services Post-Pandemic

You can expect many services that the commercial cleaner will provide. Many are common and are hired regularly, but some of the cleanings come in the deep clean category—the below-mentioned types of industrial cleaning essential during and post-pandemic.

Air Ducts and Ventilation Cleaning

The air ducts and the ventilation system are the primary cause of the spread of COVID-19 if they are not cleaned and properly maintained. It has been observed that the Coronavirus takes the properties of other germs, bacteria, and viruses, so the presence of living micro-organisms should be minimal.

Cleaning Carpets and Floor Mats

The carpets and floor mats are the hotspots for animal and human dander, hair, and fur. Also, other allergens can gather on the mats and carpets. Two comprehensive cleaning techniques for carpets, mats, and rugs can be used; one is vacuuming these three, and washing them dry should be a part of Jan Pro cleaning.

Proper Disinfecting and Sanitization

There are specific furniture and other items that are touched the most in an office and industrial building. An infected person feels these things, and others retouch it; it is a cause of the spread of the virus. Proper sanitization and disinfecting are recommended.

Window Treatments Cleaning

Like carpets and rugs; the various types of window treatments also trap dust, allergens, and even germs, bacteria, and viruses. The commercial cleaning companies, including Jan Pro OKC, should provide cleaning curtains, window blinds, and shutters.

Deep Cleaning Becoming Standardized

Deep cleaning was hired when the businesses thought it to be the most necessary, but the world changed after the pandemic. The standards of everything altered, and today deep cleaning became normal. The daily cleaning has now been minimized, and deep cleaning services have taken it over.

Preventive Strategies by Jan Pro Cleaning Services

The development of the COVID-19 vaccine has made a recovery from the virus fast; still, there is no cure for it. In this situation, prevention is the best cure for now. So Jan Pro cleaning services have suggested preventive strategies to help cope with the pandemic situation.

Keeping Social Distance

Many offices and industries have ample space that can be utilized for effective productivity. The large area is ideal for scattering the employees to ensure social distancing is being practiced. This practice is also applicable when the cleaning staff comes.

Hire Services of Commercial Cleaners

Hiring any commercial cleaners will not provide the service or quality of cleaning. Only the best will have a powerful impact. You have to select the cleaning companies providing the services that are the right ones, pricing is also appropriate, and the quality of products and services is well-maintained.

Break-Up the Shifts

There are two essential benefits of breaking up the whole day into shifts. The first advantage is that the staff is divided, making the concept of social distancing easier. The second benefit goes to the cleaning companies; as they have to deal with fewer people.

Properly Sanitization and Disinfection

All surfaces in the commercial building have to be sanitized and disinfected because they are touched all the time. Particular focus should be given to the most touched and used items because everyone feels them.

Promoting Virtual Communication

The cleaning staff has several tasks to fulfill and different services to give. Providing consultation is one of them, and the safest way of doing so is by using video calling apps to contact the clients.

Sick Leaves are Compulsory

Coronavirus symptoms are similar to the seasonal or common cold, but their intensity is higher and attacks the respiratory system the most. Whenever the employees and cleaning staff feel sick, they should be immediately given ill leaves.

Work from Home is Promoted

Ensuring everyone’s safety is the primary concern for companies providing industrial cleaning services, so work from home is encouraged to promote this concept.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can a commercial cleaning service be profitable?

Yes, commercial cleaning has become the most profitable business because people are hiring their services today. Constant cleaning has become a part of routine life, and hiring cleaning services is mandatory.

Which businesses are booming because of COVID-19?

Many businesses have gone online and are booming, but commercial cleaning companies are hired the most. Companies have to keep up with cleanliness to stop the spread of the virus.

Why does everybody need commercial cleaning services?

The main reason to hire commercial cleaning services is to provide the best cleaning to prevent the spread of Coronavirus. Other causes of hiring them are that you have great services within a reasonable price and provide general cleaning of the business facility.