Parameters For Selection Of Kitchen Faucets

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Not at all an easy question of how to choose a kitchen faucet requires a thoughtful and attentive approach. The choice of this plumbing is extremely wide; many models are sold in stores that differ in design, design features and a different set of functions. It is necessary to thoroughly understand all the intricacies in order to make an informed decision and not make a mistake with the purchase.

Mounting method

Most models of kitchen faucets are installed on the edge of the sink in a special hole. Standard fastening options – on studs or a tightening nut. Both options are quite reliable and efficient.

Another way to install the mixer –on the edge of the table with integrated sink. This arrangement of the tap is often found in designer interiors. If you are going to install the faucet in the kitchen in this way, be sure to check whether its attachment is suitable for your countertop.

It may happen that the threaded part of the selected model will be shorter than the thickness of the working surface. Then you will need to look for a device with elongated studs or with other, special fasteners.

By themselves, the taps installed on the countertop look stylish and original. Many famous brands have similar models.

The third type of mixer attachment –on the wall. This is not the most practical option: in some cases, it is used as an element of a vintage interior, but most often the choice in its favor is due to the location of communications, which is impossible or impractical to change in any way.


Of course, a classic kitchen faucet has a well-defined purpose and rarely has any additional functionality. However, advanced models from well-known brands not only supply water to users, but can also offer some other interesting options.

Among the most requested add-ons:

  • The built-in water filtration and purification system is an excellent solution for houses and apartments in which the quality of tap water does not meet accepted standards. The faucet with a filter has two spouts: for ordinary and drinking water separately.
  • Retractable spout – if you often have to wash large dishes in the sink or draw water into tall containers, a faucet with a retractable spout will be a must here. It consists of two parts: fixed and detachable. The second pulls a flexible hose behind it and allows you to adjust the convenient direction of the water flow.
  • Aerator with self-cleaning function– a water flow diffuser that not only saves water, but also makes it easy to maintain. Many well-known brands equip their mixers with such devices.
  • A switch to a washing machine or dishwasher – with such a mixer, you do not have to lay additional communications for kitchen appliances.
  • LED lighting is a decorative option, with which the process of washing dishes becomes much more pleasant. The jet of water can be illuminated in one color or change shades depending on the temperature of the stream.
  • water heater- it is built directly into the faucet body and can be used to heat water when there is no centralized hot water supply or is temporarily turned off. In combination with a filtration system, the water heater can even provide hot drinking water from the faucet for tea or cooking.

Additional functionality expands the capabilities of the kitchen mixer, but also increases the final price of the product. If there is no desire or opportunity to overpay, you should give preference to classic models of cranes.

What else to consider when buying a kitchen faucet

  • Before buying, hold the mixer in your hands, pay attention to its weight. If the crane seems too light, it means that it is completely or partially made of silumin, a fragile and short-lived metal alloy.
  • In order not to worry about whether the faucet is suitable for the sink in terms of the type of fasteners, design and other parameters, you can purchase plumbing equipment as a set. Devices that initially correspond to each other will not cause problems with installation and subsequent operation.
  • In the store, check the selected faucet for scratches, chips and other damage. Such nuances not only worsen the appearance of the device, but also reduce its service life.
  • Buy plumbing only from trusted and reliable sellers. Do not overlook the presence of high-quality instructions for installation and operation, as well as a warranty card from the manufacturer.
  • In the store, check the completeness of the equipment, especially carefully inspect the flexible hoses – their length is often insufficient for normal installation. The type of attachment and thread diameter must match those of the kitchen sink or countertop.

When choosing plumbing, do not try to save a lot on equipment or do it deliberately. It is better to choose a slightly more expensive, but high-quality model than to pay less, but then constantly repair the faucet and experience other problems with its daily use.