Payal Bharadwaj Unveils SoC 24/7 Counseling mobile application with Counseling Summit

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 School of Counseling (S.O.C) has proudly introduced its 24/7 counseling mobile application on Play store with a grand Launch event of their Counseling Summit in Mumbai. It also marks the beginning of first of its Kind pan India Counseling Summit, starting its journey from Navi Mumbai. Dr, Chetan Vispute, Psychologist, Mr. K. R. Onkar, Educationist, Mrs. Madhu Shailendra, Educationist, Mr. Hari Shahi, Coach, and Mentor were the guest speakers who attended the event.

School Of Counseling is a one-stop solution for educational institutes for all its counseling needs.

SoC is pioneering start up for providing services for all the needs of a child such as Career counseling, Anger management, Defeating Loneliness, Depression, and Corporate Competency along with Parental Guidance. Their presence lies in cities like Delhi, Lucknow, Dehradun, and Hyderabad.

The need for a Counseling Summit was felt to make society aware about what is counseling it’s need and expert panel discussions for solutions to the everyday problem  of a child and the educational institute as a whole.

The major drawback of our Indian Society is the acceptance for the need to see a counselor as the myth still continues “Counseling is for the mentally ill”, the Summit is driven to create awareness on this prejudice that Counseling is not only for mentally ill people but for those who want to help improve their mental health and well being. School of Counseling is a brainchild of Payal Bharadwaj, a young social entrepreneur and a globally certified counselor. Through their counseling session, they help the child to understand, discuss and develop their intelligence, interest, aptitude, and personality. Payal Bharadwaj Unveils SoC 24/7 Counseling mobile application with Counseling Summit

The participating schools for the event were students of 9th and 10th From MGM SCHOOL Nerul, Saraswati High School Govandi, Sushma Patil School Kalamboli, New English High School and PRIA School.

The event got its support from Ace Vision Publisher Pvt. Ltd. under the leadership of Smaran Desai and Tarachandra Mishra who believed in the vision of Human Satisfactionpayal bhardwaj Counseling

Ms. Payal Bharadwaj, MD, School of Counseling (SoC) says “Counseling for me is a continuous process of human satisfaction. I started as a counselor for families of cancer patients, moving forward I counseled allot of struggling models and actors. Gradually I understood, it’s important to set the base of an individual right so that their Tomorrow becomes better, which is possible only in their formative years. Hence I got focused only for the students. And it was impossible for me to be present physically all the time for my counseled students, Hence the Birth of my Application came in.”

How does it works?

Day 1: They start their session by explaining what is counseling in a brief session. The session addressed as Group Counseling Session, talks about everything that I child feels problems in and further discuss on the right alternative solutions to those problems. After the session is conducted, they undertake the test to analyze Multiple Intelligence and Personality of a child.

Day 2: They discuss the complete analysis of the test report with the child along with his/her parents. A discussion is about child capabilities, interest and how they can achieve those based on their scores. It is during this session when the child opens up more about his problems, the ways and directives are discussed. The child is then handed over with the complete kit of Set career options, colleges, respective entrance exams and finally their capability to match the right ones. payal bharadwaj Counseling

    A review of this is also conducted quarterly to assess their improvements. For those who complaints about behavioral and depression issues, are dealt individually under personal counseling sessions for prolonged duration .

             “Payal Bharadwaj Unveils SoC 24/7 Counseling mobile application with Counseling Summit”