Pioneer India introduces a compact yet boisterous subwoofer with built-in Class-D amplifier

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Pioneer India, the leading Japanese brand in the car infotainment and DJ equipment has launched TS-WX400DA, a highly compact active subwoofer with built-in 250 Watts output Class-D amplifier. From the dimensions of this active subwoofer, which are 300mm (W) x 200mm (D) and 100mm (H), it can be easily understood how compact is this product and leaves enough room in the boot for luggage and other important articles. But, this compactness doesn’t mean any compromise with the sound output and quality.

Utilizing a “down fire” speaker design, the TS-WX400DA is able to produce richer low-frequency reproduction that sounds incredible with such a compact sub-woofer. Users of this product can enjoy two selectable Bass Modes – Deep and Dynamic. On both modes, one can experience the rich sound even at the low volume level. While Deep Mode is ideally suitable for Classic, Jazz, Country Music, etc, Dynamic Mode stuns music lovers on EDM, Hip-Hop, Rock Music, etc. All the functions can be availed using a wired remote control.

Some other remarkable features of TS-WX400DA are: Phase control, Frequency and Gain control to adjust the musical style, compatibility with CarSoundFit App which simulates in-car sound when Pioneer speakers are installed into vehicles, and CLASS-D amplifier technology which ensures low power consumption. This revolutionary product by Pioneer is available at an incredible price, INR 21,890 only.