Pioneer TS Z65 Series Speakers for Exception Sound Experience for Music Enthusiast

Capable of smoothly reproducing frequencies of 40 KHz or higher, TS-Z65CH & TS-Z65C car speaker by Pioneer is designed to deliver clearer, sharper, and melodious sound to make every journey memorable and untiring.

Featured with hi-res audio and smoother off-axial response, TS-Z65CH & TS-Z65C    maintains swift, pervasive, and multidimensional sound, without triggering the dramatic dips and inconsistencies that only a few speakers can produce.

When its low crossover frequency synchronizes with wider frequency range, it results in fuller mid-range fidelity, accurate vocals, and high-frequency sound even at the high volume. Besides, the dual layer cone of TS-Z65CH & TS-Z65C ensures clear bass with low distortion, and the unique diaphragm shape accurately controls differential vibration produced and improves high-frequency dispersion. 

All in all, both product TS-Z65CH & TS-Z65C are designed for producing Hi-Res Audio. For people who want to experience crisper sound Pioneer TS-Z65CH speaker is the better choice for Hi-res Audio, and it delivers sound that makes listeners speechless.

For more details about TS – Z65CH and Z65C click here .



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