Places in Dubai You Can Explore On a Rental Car

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Dubai, the dreamland of visitors, is an ideal place for exploring unique or hidden stories of nature, witnessing amazing wonders, and experiencing the historical cultures of the UAE. The reason is that it provides a massive amount of thrilling activities and events to amuse all kinds of souls. Visitors can witness here the most beautiful views of nature, the height of luxury, and the lifestyle of ancient Arabs.

The city of gold, Dubai, houses countless tourist attractions. And public transport provides easy access to all these sites at cheap rates. However, the main issue with using public transport is the lack of comfort and privacy. Therefore, hiring the services of car rental with driver in Dubai is a rapidly rising trend. The reason is that it provides all types of cars at cheap rates which provides comfortable traveling.

Renting car services with professional drivers not only provides you with comfortable traveling but the experience and knowledge of professional drivers also play the role of a tourist guide. Moreover, they are also well aware of all traffic rules and protect you from unnecessary fines or penalties.

Place You Can Explore From The Comfort of a Car

Dubai is home to top tourist attractions including theme parks, fantasy lands, shopping malls, restaurants, beaches, and deserts. However, most visitors are confused about which places they can easily reach by riding a rental car. Therefore, we listed here the top places which you can explore on a rental car.

Dubai Creek

The best starting point for the thrilling experience of exploring Dubai by a rental car is the Sheik Bin Zayed road. It is loaded with bakeries, hotels, and other attractive places. And provide easy access to all tourist places. The first destination that comes to mind while traveling on this road to heaven is Dubai Creek.

To experience old Dubai, it’s the famous tourist destination that provides free parking for your car.And visitors can also enjoy the thrilling boating experience. Moreover, visitors can also experience the historical or cultural aspects of Dubai by exploring  Deira. It also provides access to the most famous and unique piece of art, the Dubai Frame, to witness the mesmerizing view of both old and new Dubai in a single glance.

Burj Khalifa

It’s present very close to Dubai Creel. And famous around the world as the largest building. Its length is approximately 803 meters. The main highlight of this famous wonder is its observation desk which allows visitors to witness the breathtaking scenery of Dubai from a bird’s eye view.

On the last floor of the tallest building, people can experience the most thrilling activity which is skydiving.

Burj Al Arab

Dubai is famous around the world for its wonders and unique art pieces to amuse visitors. And when you come to the most unique, expansive, and mesmerizing building, the very first place that comes to mind is Burj Al Arab. Its amazing boat shape and luxurious touch make it popular among all types of tourists.

The world’s only seven-star hotel is also present on its upper floor which has luxurious rooms to stay in and delicious cuisines to enjoy between the ocean. It also provides scenic views of beachfront and natural landscapes to capture lifetime memories.

Wild Wadi Water Park

Next to Burj Al Arab, there is another amazing tourist destination, the Wild Wadi Water park. It holds a huge collection of thrilling activities and water adventures. It’s an ideal place for family excursions. Visitors can enjoy unlimited water slides, thrilling roller coaster rides, and lavish n8ght fancy.

Global Village

This famous tourist destination is another ideal place to explore on a rental car. It is best for history and culture lovers as it provides a glimpse of all cultures across the globe.

Visitors can enjoy exploring the jewelry items, clothes, weapons, important documents, and lifestyle of ancient Arabs. Moreover, food stalls and cafes also serve visitors traditional Arab cuisine.

Desert Safari

To escape from city life or soak in natural peace, a desert safari in Dubai is the best choice for you. By renting a car through One Click Drive or any other car rental app you can easily access this mysterious place.

During this journey, you can explore or enjoy the following activities:

  • Natural landscapes and views
  • Photography
  • Thrilling rides
  • Sand supports adventure
  • Dune bashing
  • Camping experience
  • Dance and music concerts
  • BBQ meals
  • Traditional Arabian coffee and other drinks

Atlantis Aquaventure Waterpark

Vanquish the world’s biggest waterpark and get your heartbeat hustling with north of 105 slides, attractions and encounters. Spanning 22.5 hectares it highlights three activity pressed towers, the world’s biggest children’s just waterpark experience, more than 2-kilometers of Waterway Rapids and 1km of private ocean side. Thrill-seekers can scream down record-breaking water slides, young families will enjoy the safety of Splashers Kids’ Play Area, and animal lovers can get up close with dolphins, sea lions, sharks and stingrays. Whether you’re here on vacation or a UAE occupant hoping to add a sprinkle of experience to your end of the week, go along with us at Aquaventure Waterpark.

Popular areas to explore here you must have to visit there:

  • Seafire Steakhouse and Bar
  • Dolphin Way
  • The Burger Joint
  • Asia Republic
  • The Lost Chambers Aquarium
  • Sea Lion Point


Now you have all the places that you can explore from the comfort of your car at your fingertips. Add these sites to your bucket and must visit during your upcoming or next tour to this tourist heaven. I bet you will never regret your decision and will collect lifetime memories from this thrilling experience.

Make sure to choose services of credible car rental with driver in Dubai to avail of financial benefits or to avoid troubles during traveling.