Planning to Move to Dubai? Here’s What You Need To Know Before You Pack Your Bags

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From humble beginnings to the upscale lifestyle that Dubai has transformed into, there have been significant transformations along the way. During these decades of development, every industry in the UAE has evolved, thereby becoming a hub of attractions and booming opportunities.

As more and more expatriates are entering the UAE job market, they are able to expand their skill set and develop experience. The UAE Labour Law ensures the fair application of the governing laws that benefit the employees and employers. This further adds to the attractive incentive for the expatriates entering the Gulf region.

In addition to this, there are several other factors that you need to know before your trip to Dubai.


Dubai hosts people from all around the world. The expatriates belong to different backgrounds and ethnicities with differing perspectives. Moving to Dubai means that you will be able to interact and meet with people from around the world. What else can be better than living in such a tourist-based city, Dubai? The fun fact is, nearly 85% of the emirate’s population comprises expatriates. So anyone looking for a fresh start and a mindset to expand their friend zone can make a better start from here.

No More TGIF

Moving to Dubai means adjusting to the new working week. This means you won’t get the much anticipated Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays off. Rather, it will just be the two days; Fridays and Saturdays. Nonetheless, it will take just a while to get hold and swing of the routine.


Although Arabic is the native language of Dubai, English remains the widely spoken one. Yes, as many as 75% of the population speaks English. That is definitely a major relief for the expatriates, as they won’t have to learn Arabic to get around.

That being said, some expatriates who have lived in Dubai for a longer time, become familiar with some common Arabic words and phrases that add convenience to their life.

Living Cost

Dubai is luxurious and expensive, thereby attracting a large number of wealthy and extravagant lifestyles.

Along with that, prices and rent have skyrocketed, especially in upfront and prime locations. This has greatly supported the growth of property businesses and more international investors are choosing to invest here.

To top it all, the groceries and taxes also add significant taxes to your purchases. In all, living in Dubai is expensive.

Ladies Nights

Dubai has a Tuesday tradition, allowing the emirate a chance to showcase the true spirit of Dubai’s hospitality. ‘Ladies night’ deals come at various points and venues, inviting women for free drinks, discounted meals, and even a discounted shisha. It also includes spa treatments, pool times, and much more. During this time, men will be stuck with the full-priced experiences.

Safe and Secure

Dubai ranks among the safest cities in the world. It has earned such a reputation for itself with some strict punishments, long prison sentences, well-publicized convictions, and undercover police.

The expatriates will be able to see some keys in expensive cars, open shops, and even a laptop for like half an hour with no one around. This happened because the security and legal institutions have a strong presence there.

Medical Insurance

Getting medical insurance for expatriates is not as easy as in other countries. Therefore, it is advised to look out for an insurance plan and invest timely.

There are many private insurances in place that offer flexibility to choose the given modules. By picking out the best option that suits their needs the most, can become a viable plan.

In addition to this, employees seeking job opportunities should discuss the medical insurances with their employer beforehand, so that necessary arrangements could be made.

Follow the Rules

Every country has its own sovereign rules that are binding on everyone who lives within. Breaking them can get you in trouble. So it is always better to become aware of those laws before setting foot on the UAE soil.

Capture Without Consent

When taking a photo of someone, make sure you have their consent. Else, it is a direct invasion of privacy, that can get you in serious trouble. It can include imprisonment, heavy fines, and even immediate deportation for the expatriates.

Poppy Seeds

Poppy seeds can be used to create opium, therefore, it is a banned substance in the UAE. Being caught with these seeds can immediately take you to jail and also pay heavy fines.

Eating and Drinking in Public Transport

Eating and drinking are not allowed, From metros and buses to any form of transport and pedestrian crossing. If found doing so., expect yourself to break the rules and pay the heavy fines.

Swearing in Public

Swearing is punishable by up to a year in prison, and a fine as high as 10,000 dirhams. That’s a big amount and can leave a hole in your savings too.

Heat is Real

Prepare yourself for the scorching heat. The average temperature is 40 degrees in summer, making it unbearable for some. In the winters, temperatures easily drop as low as 20 degrees. While winters may sound more bearable, potential expats need to gear themselves up for the extreme desert heat in Dubai.

City of Innovation

With a consistent development process, Dubai has been able to catch up with the rest of the world via intense technological transformation.

Smart Dubai initiative has allowed the city to transform into an intelligent hub, becoming paperless, AI-based systems, supporting startups, and also becoming the happiest city in the world. In doing so, Dubai has earned itself a spot amongst the top 35 innovative cities of the world. Isn’t that great?


Holidays in Dubai depend upon Islamic traditions. Meaning the working hours will shorten to six hours during Ramadan, while some choose to take time off during this time and pray.

Being an expat, if you are not much familiar with Ramadan, you will become aware of a new set of rules during this time. For instance, eating and drinking in public is not allowed. If caught doing so, you can land in trouble and get a backlash from the authorities. Make sure you keep track of when Ramadan is happening as the lunar dates change every time.

In addition to this, the UAE laws ensure that employers and employees have a steady work relationship. In case of any downhill, one can reach out to a law firm in Dubai, to help through the process and settle the matter.

Pack Your Bags

Dubai definitely has all the attractions to attract the expatriates there. From a thriving economy to the upscale infrastructure and luxury lifestyle, moving and settling in Dubai is like a dream come through. Therefore, with all these quick tips, one can have a smooth packing and landing experience to kick start the journey to dreams.