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Music heals the soul. Playing games releases stress. So a music game is a great thing to play if you want to have fun right? Yes, Musical games help a lot if you are going through something in life or if you just want to unwind from all the hurly-burly’s in the world today. There are a lot of musical games found online and it so happens that has the best of all time. To know more about the best and free musical games on PC, read on!


Music Hero- Rhythm Beat Tap

Make your rock star dreams to life as you click to the rhythm of a percussive instrument. This game allows you to groove to the music and click fast on those colorful buttons as they pass the line. You need to be very accurate and precise so that the song is played well. The visual display is amazing and of course, the audio is the best. Rock it as you hit the top of the scoreboards. Impress your virtual audience as you play awesome songs in the game





This not your ordinary music game on PC. It has a special back story which is about Deemo, a mysterious individual who continually plays the piano so that a tree grows from within. This then opens up different rooms to which Alice, who got lost from home, will eventually find her way out and go home. The game allows you to play along with the song and make the tree grow for Alice. If you are not hitting the correct notes, the tree does not grow. Accuracy is key in this game as it gets challenging each time. To know how well you are doing, the Deemo Meter shows if you are an amazing player or not.


Dream Piano-Music Game 

Playing the piano is one of the dreams of most people. Not all can play good music that’s why this game is like a dream come true! This hones the reflexes as you click on the correct notes when a piece of certain music is played. The game does not have a flashy presentation as it goes directly to the point. It is a piano and you need to focus on timing and speed. There are lots of songs to choose from and you can also play this game to compare scores with other players online. As music is known to relieve stress, play this game to simply have fun at the comforts of your desktop PC.



Music and art are a good combination and it comes in a fun game called Cytus. The audio-visual display of the game is very unique with cool animations made by popular artists. It is very easy to play. When a note passes a line, you need to click on it as the music is played. There are over 200 original songs which range from pop, jazz to hardcore. There is also a very interesting narrative that will surely entice you more to play the game for hours. This one of a kind challenge is best downloaded to your desktop today!music game




Geometry Dash 

Geometry Dash is a very popular rhythmic game that combines music and action. Your ultimate goal is to go past a series of obstacles by jumping and flying to the tune of the music played. The PC game has lots of levels to play and in each one, you must clear it first before advancing to the next. Geometry Dash also gives you the option to create your own game levels and play with friends and family. To be able to earn some rewards, you must complete the missions and unlock icons along the way. Download the game now for some math, musically inclined action game!


My Singing Monsters

Get stuck in a fantasy world full of singing monsters. This is not your ordinary music game. You get to collect, train, and even breed your chosen monster. The gameplay of the game is simple and you need to breed and hatch new monsters. There are also structures you need to build so that your happiness factor would always remain on top. Playing the game also makes you build your own island and fill it up with more scary monsters. Each monster you collect has a unique tune when singing and the melody will easily stick to your ears for quite a time.


Guitar Band Battle

If you have ever dreamed to be a guitar rock star, now is your chance to try it out in this amazing game, Guitar Band Battle. You don’t need to go out and play somewhere, you just need to sit back and enjoy playing in front of your desktop PC. The game controls are pretty easy and everything feels so real – be it in a festival or recording studio! This musical game has different stages and you can compete with other players online as well. There are different types of guitars you can play with such as a Fender, Gibson, Kramer, and more. Test your guitar skills and download the game on your PC today.

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