Plunge Pools- A Perfect Pool for Your Small Space with Huge Benefits


Plunge pools are a perfect choice for Australians with small spaces outside their home. This is a compact pool that has many must-have features, which are perfect for summers especially when it is extremely unbearable. Here we are going to discuss all the plunge pools and the benefits that they can provide.

Plunge Pools

The plunge pool is a small compact pool that can offer you the same benefits that a large pool can provide in a more economical package. The main purpose of this pool is for relaxation and rejuvenation. The one that you can install in your backyard is definitely going to increase your property value.

Small backyard plunge pools do have seating areas that can help you sit and relax while enjoying the water. People also install spa jets that can make you enjoy hydrotherapy. The Little Pool Co. is one of Australia’s leading pool manufacturers who have created the ultimate transportable instant fibreglass pool. Pick the kind of pool and material you want and they will help prepare it for you.

Size Of Plunge Pools 

As the name suggests, a compact plunge pool is not like any regular pool. The length ranges from about 2m to 6m and the width is around 2m to 3.5m. this is a perfect choice for your backyards where you do not have enough space for a regular larger pool.

The depth of this pool can vary with an average of about 1.2m, but it can be much deeper than this.

Benefits of Plunge Pools

Plunge pools are inspired by those natural water bodies that you can see at the waterfalls. This is basically for providing relaxation and healing your body. A spa jet used for hydrotherapy can help relieve stress and anxiety in people and also improves your skin. It also improves the medical conditions of people suffering from painful muscular injuries.

Though it is small, you can use it for swimming, which is a perfect workout. For this, you can install swim jets that can provide enough resistance in the water enabling you to swim. At plunge pools, you can add equipment like underwater treadmill and water bikes, which provides cardiovascular fitness and muscle tone.

Other Benefits

Other than health benefits, plunge pools also have other advantages. This is the perfect pool for people with small backyards who want a pool of their own. It also makes your backyard look a bit attractive. This is a luxurious addition to your backyard which can look more stylish when better maintained. It can increase the value of your house.

This is a perfect choice for spending time with your family. Especially for your kids where you do not have to worry about them getting into the pool.

Plunge pools are also very cost-effective as you would not have to spend much on maintenance and installation. As they are small, plunge pools can take less time to be installed lowering the rates for labour as well.

With all these benefits, the plunge pool is a perfect choice for you and your family to enjoy your day in summer.