Points to remember before hiring a link building company

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With the world turning virtual, the one thing that all businesses must have is a website. The fact that the digital world works on the principles of SEO, a website is a platform that helps you build your digital visibility. With such importance attached to a website, the only way to increase your website is ranking is through link building.



You may ask what is link building and how does it help in building your digital presence. 

Link building can be defined as an SEO service that aims at linking web pages within the website or between two different websites. Link building also known as back linking can be thus defined as a tool to build your website’s visibility and thereby your brand’s credibility.


Considering that link building is an extensive activity in itself, it is always better to hire a link building company who would ensure effective link building and website hits through the link building. 

However, here are some points that you need to look for while hiring a link building company:

  1. Transparent communication: Choose an agency that is open to understanding your business and SEO goal. Creates a strategy that best serves the purpose and is economical. Choose an agency that follows a healthy and transparent communication channel. In other words, choose an agency that keeps the strategy, the performance of the strategy, the numbers or statistics of the strategy, open and transparent. 
  2. No quick results: Remember and accept that SEO as a process is a long term commitment. The same is the case with link building. Therefore, choose an agency that doesn’t promise you instant or overnight results. Getting instant website ranking is achievable only through cheap marketing tactics which may show instant results but are not sustainable results. 
  3. Acts accountable: Look for an agency that caters to its clients with a sense of responsibility. You need an agency that accepts your ignorance, doesn’t exploit it and instead suggest you the right path of link building. This can be achieved only if the agency feels accountable for your website ranking journey. 
  4. Gives updates and is open to reviews: As mentioned above, link building is a long term journey. It is a journey where you learn, rectify and revise the strategy based on the development of the strategy. Therefore, you should look for an agency that constantly updates you on the development and observations of the strategy when implemented. Ensure that the agency is open to feedback, is open to taking inputs and incorporate the same if suitable. 
  5. Cost effective: Choose an agency that understands your budget constraints, focuses more on organic link building. 

These are the core pointers that you must remember and look for when you are hiring a link building agency. In addition, to these pointers, if you have any more parameters you can add them, but if not, the above mentioned must be there. This is to ensure that your association, is smooth, effective and worthy.