Politics in Public Education: The Legislative Agenda

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Politics plays a role in every industry of a certain country. Therefore, it is obvious that it has a say in public education as well. Ask any politics essay writing service and you will learn about home many students are getting into politics and genuinely want to learn about it.

To find out how politics have a say in public education and its legislative agendas, keep on reading this post.

Politics in Public Education

Public Policy:

You may already know what public policy is but to clear it out – Public policy is a way of government maintaining its order or addressing the needs of the country’s people through actions well-defined by its constituents (Claudia. F, 2021). Public policies can affect the citizens in both positive and negative manner when it comes to the public education system. There are a lot of policies that have been introduced to increase accountability within the system such as “No Child Left Behind”. But these policies have had some undesired effects too.

On the positive side, there are also monetary awards and other incentives promised by the lawmakers for the students. The students can avail these awards and other incentives depending on the grades they have achieved. It is most likely for them to get these rewards if they perform well in their standardized tests. In addition to this, for making sure that the students succeed, teachers are instructed to only teach the topics and skills that will be taken into consideration for their tests. This way everyone has a fair chance.

Public Funding:

Public schools and colleges are funded by the government. After the government official collects property taxes they are used to build schools, and funding to get teaching materials and technology is also given. 

The property taxes are always low in a low-income neighborhood but they are high when high-income neighborhoods are taken into consideration. The outcome of this is that schools situated n the low-income neighborhood are incapable of providing high-quality education and therefore students are not learning the best a such public schools

There are student loans that students can take from the government. National and international students are eligible to apply for it. By getting these federal and student loans, students are capable of going to colleges, getting help from masters essay writing service, and earning their degrees. This in turn aids them in obtaining good jobs and living a high quality of life. 

Public colleges are also known as community colleges have a bad reputation because not only are they run by governors, they do not provide high-quality education in comparison to the private-owned colleges. The students attending these colleges are considered dumb. The plus point of attending community college is that the education is cheap so regular people can afford it.

If you graduate from a private university, there are high chances that you will easily get a job that pays well, and if not the reason is always going to be the concentration in the market rather than your education. This is not the case with community colleges. The candidates of private universities are mostly preferred over candidates who have graduated from community colleges. If the student attending community college is not getting a good education, then it is a flaw in the government system and the capitalist society, rather than the person itself. 

Local Politics:

Like any political arena, the chances of corruption or misappropriation are always. There have been some incidents where the money which is meant to be spent on improving school’s infrastructure and education has been taken from the budget then spent on something else. Some dishonest politicians run on the platform of school reformation, they make promises like increasing test scores, giving more funds, and overall enhancing the education system of public schools. 

There are other politicians running for offices in the school board and local government who sincerely abide by their promises, there are other political factors such as economics, redistribution, and keeping constituents happy – which can also become a reason for their re-election.

Student Relationships:

You and all the students have freedom of speech and thought. You are free to express your opinions and support whoever suits your morals the most. This is also the case when it comes to supporting political parties. Students of higher education are fairly interested in politics, particularly when it comes to something that will have its effects on their age group. This is why some students choose to support one political party’s view while the other students agree with a different political party’s views.  However, there are some students who choose to stay neutral.

There are a lot of students who succeed in having healthy communication about politics whenever it is talked about, but there are some students who can not have a healthy conversation. This makes their relationship weak. Learners need to have smooth communication so they can help each other out with their homework and group projects, it also helps them in networking. This showcases how politics has an impact on student relationships in public schools which may affect their studies as well.


Technology plays a major role in turning the world into a global community. As a matter of fact, AI has also started to take over the education system (Helpwithdissertation, 2021). With the trading relations and political connections, this technology-based global community also has an impact on the education system.

Now that students are not only competing amongst themselves but with the students worldwide, politicians have started to update the public schools as well, they need to show the entire world their face. This is why, the curriculums are being updated, new technology is being introduced and more eligible teachers are being provided to the public schools, thanks to the government.


Now that you know about politics in public education in terms of their legislative agendas, spread this knowledge to those who are interested in this topic.