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Popular Battle Royale Games You Should Try

Popular Battle Royale Games You Should Try

Battle Royale is a relatively new genre in the gaming industry that brings together a large number of players in one place and forces them to fight among themselves in order to determine the only survivor, who will be crowned the winner of the series.

Such games can be for single players, where everyone plays for themselves, but there are also formats for squads, where opponents are selected based on similar squads and other players.

The general concept is that the player lands in a place of his choice with bare hands and must find himself weapons and ammunition, equipment and armor, accessories to simplify shooting and grenades to knock out enemies and first aid kits to restore health after battles.

Players will constantly knock each other out and the safe zone will gradually decrease so that players do not sit out in safe zones, but are constantly looking for a fight and finding out who has more skills and abilities based on the principle of strength and will approach the top one in this match.

If you neglect to shift the emphasis of the map, then you will simply die from the damage received.

From time to time, valuable loot will fall from the sky, which you can collect and get a unique weapon, but you will not be the only one, and you need to be fully confident in your abilities so as not to die in vain at the hands of an experienced shooter in the battle for a weapon that will not be particularly different from other weapons, if you do not know how to efficiently realize its potential.

Try not to be without cover for a long time, because you can get a bullet from a random player, or artillery fire, which is applied to random areas of the map and is present in almost every battle royale game.Popular Battle Royale Games You Should Try

Apex Legends

This is one of the most dynamic projects in the battle royale genre, which was created by EA Games as a response to the sensational and popular PUBG, but they finalized many mechanics and ideas, including the agent system that influences Apex Legends rank boost due to the ability to lean not only on personal shooting skills and searching for high-quality equipment, but also in the use of skills that add a chance to survive a battle in direct confrontation and, due to this, get closer to top one, or higher places than they occupied before.

Choose agents

A good agent means an increased chance of getting an Apex boost, simply due to the ability to change the course of the game and rely on personal skills that in one way or another affect the actions of the player and his opponent.


If you’re playing alone, you might like Rafe, a stealthy and stealthy player who can set up two spatial points and moves between them.

Its most important feature, which will help boost your apex rating, is the ability to go to the other world, in which you will not be able to attack enemies, but will be completely invisible to almost all enemies, which will help you take a more advantageous position before the start of the battle, or get out of it, disappearing from the sight of the enemy shooter.


A hero who uses drones to facilitate his gameplay and play in a team when necessary.

You will be able to conduct reconnaissance using a drone, generate first aid kits, and provide yourself with free hands if you need to lift an ally using the drone.


This is a mechanized hero who has natural health generation, which eliminates the need to look for first aid kits when in cover.

The hero will also be able to generate ammunition, but he will have to look for armor modules on the game map himself.

Octane is the perfect player to play solo and improve your apex ranked boosting.Popular Battle Royale Games You Should Try


This is the first and most important project that launched and popularized the battle royale format, giving online shooters a breath of fresh air and giving players a new format.

The engine used is ARMA 2 – a full-fledged military simulator, and even though the developers have significantly simplified the game mechanics, adding many arcade features.

What is the secret of popularity and innovation of PUBG

  1. Transport – the game map is quite voluminous and long and therefore you will need transport to quickly move.

Keep in mind that all cars and motorcycles are shot at and can be mined, and by climbing inside, you always risk losing your life at one point.

2. Realistic weapons and their modification

PUBG uses the mechanics of various weapons and their modernization due to equipment for them, which sometimes makes it completely different.

For example, a primitive rifle with poor accuracy, which is difficult to find a use for, but with a good magnifying sight you can get a modern long-range weapon with high damage.

A good long-range weapon is no less important than an assault rifle, especially if there are enough accessories for each of them.

3. Strong eSports component

PUBG in the format of squads of 4 players provide the prerequisite for an interesting game that simulates roleplaying in the eSports component.

Players who have a high rating always have the opportunity to be noticed and get into a good and professional team.

Escape from Tarkov

The format of a full-fledged military simulator in the battle royale genre, in which representatives of two PMCs – BEAR and Terra – will compete in battle.

You will choose your side and will receive the task of looking for equipment and weapons in a dangerous zone, in which, in addition to enemies, there are many bandits who will interfere with completing combat missions and looking for equipment and weapons.

This is not quite a session format – you simply choose the time at which you are ready to go hunting for enemies and new sources of good equipment and weapons.

In the event of death, you will lose all uninsured equipment and weapons, so leave everything that is a pity to lose in the warehouse or use the hire to buy a neutral character and use it to gain in-game valuables during forays.

A neutral player is resistant to bandits, and killing such a character will bring a negative reputation and lower conditions for such players when they themselves want to buy the same character for a safe exit for resources.

Overall, Tarkov uses a realistic format that is both liked and disliked by active players.

On the one hand, this is increased realism and ballistics of a bullet’s flight and wound effects that affect the outcome of the battle. The bullet flies from top to bottom according to the laws of physics, and this must be taken into account when shooting.

Don’t worry – there are no mechanics that can’t be mastered, and accessories will make shooting easier if you have them.


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