Preeti.La.Artesana- Bringing to you a New Era of Personalised Gifting Option

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Preeti Jain is a Post Graduate in Fashion Technology, a mother of two, and the founder of Preeti.La.Artesana.  The artist found ways to fulfill her creative instinct as she made photo frames, albums, and painted jars, boxes, etc.

It was during the 2020 Lockdown when she finally got the time to indulge her creativity, so she started painting old Ketchup bottles and creating personalized albums for loved ones. That’s how Preeti’s journey began; her art was first appreciated by her kids and husband, who encouraged her to pursue it professionally.

Talking about her educational background, in 2010, Preeti completed her graduation with a BCom correspondence and went on to complete a diploma in Fashion technology from YMCA, Delhi. She also took a professional course in packaging. Soon after her studies, she got married and got busy as a homemaker. She was always inclined towards creative frames and albums but due to her house responsibilities, she never got enough time to pursue it.
Her creativity earned her praise, and this led to a lot of popularity. This passion turned into a business of handcrafted creative gift options, photo frames, albums, jars, and it was named Preeti.La.Artesana.

LaArtesana means ‘Craft Woman’ in Spanish. Preeti is now accepting orders on Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp. Over 750 crafts have been ordered so far.

About Preeti.La.Artesana
At Preeti.La.Artesana, one can find albums, ranging from Rs.1200 – 10,000 and Jars ranging from Rs.250- Rs. 450. The brand offers themes such as Valentine’s special, Christmas, pre-wedding, Unicorn, SpiderMan, Superhero, as well as birds, animals, flowers, and anything personalized that one wishes to order. They also have Queen Bird’s Jar, Anniversary Special Jars, and many others.

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As a gift, she gave the Preeti.La.Artesana Album to TV Actress Mitaali Nag, a star of the ‘Afsar Betiyan’ Serial. Mitaali appreciated it on her social media.