Pros and Cons of standard bathroom Materials

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Once upon a time, customary bathroom renovation Dubai countertops were either ceramic tile, laminate, or a fabric that was thought to be somewhat innovative for the time—so-called civilized marble. Civilized marble wasn’t marble in the least (or granite, or onyx), however instead was a dreary mix of crushed stone command in conjunction with plastic resins. Thankfully, this early sort of designed stone has for the most part nonexistent in favor of product that look and perform far better. Laminates and ceramic tile, though, still stay as standard bathroom tabletop materials, though today’s versions do not look very like laminates and tile that you simply keep in mind from your parents’ or grandparents’ homes.

While it’s doable to search out a bathroom tabletop made of an awfully uncommon material, like chrome steel or wood, most of today’s bathroom countertops comprises one among these seven completely different materials.


If your vision of laminate countertops is that of the ugly, metal-edged laminates of yesteryear, you would like to pay a bit time viewing new product from Formica, Wilson art, or different prime makers. The planning has evolved most that laminates will fool you into thinking they’re granite, wood, marble, leather, or perhaps chrome steel.

Laminate tabletops are made of layers of plastic that are secured to a particleboard (MDF) core to form a solid countertop surface. Countertops are out there available items that may be cut and match by anyone, or they will be made-to-order by fabricators United Nations agency can create a tabletop to your specifications from a designer laminate, giving it custom edges and different designer options.


Laminates are an awfully cheap tabletop material.

An enormous vary of colors and patterns is accessible.

Ready-made countertops are terribly friendly to DIY installation.


Custom designs aren’t DIY-friendly, requiring a custom fibber.

Laminate countertops are light-weight, while not the substantial “heft” of different materials.

Laminate is usually thought to be a cut price, low-priced material.

Purchased off the shelf, ready-made laminate tabletop material prices $10 to $30 per sq. ft. Custom created by a fibber, expect to pay $40 to $65 per sq. ft. Laminate countertops are  best for guest bogs or powder rooms however aren’t the most effective selection for master baths or different places wherever vogue is very important. They will conjointly function a “quick fix” wherever you would like to grace a bathroom quickly by painting hire expert painter in Dubai, like once staging your home purchasable.

Ceramic/Porcelain Tile

Ceramic, porcelain, or glass tiles are ancient tabletop materials typically seen in ancient decoration, however they’re conjointly employed in stylish, trendy designs due to recent innovations, particularly with porcelains. Ancient ceramic tiles are manufactured from clay with a surface glaze; they’re heated by hearth to harden them. Ceramic ware may be a form of ceramic that options finer clays dismissed below higher temperatures. Ceramic ware may be a more durable and denser material that’s glorious for floors and countertops. Ceramic ware will genuinely mimic different materials, like wood or perhaps animal skin, providing you with several style choices.

Although glass tiles aren’t technically ceramics, they’re put in in a lot of a similar manner as ceramic tile and supply even a lot of style and elegance choices.


putting in ceramic tile may be a fairly straightforward DIY project.

Tile is comparatively cheap among the “premium” tabletop choices.

Many style choices are out there.


Tile is brittle and should crack below impact.

Grout lines will simply stain and discolor, requiring periodic cleansing and resealing.

Ceramic and ceramic ware tiles are available in a good vary of prices, with materials alone running from but a dollar per sq. ft. to $200 or a lot of for camp-made trained worker tiles. In general, expect to pay $2 to $15 per sq. ft. if you’re putting in your own tile tabletop. For skilled installation, prices are usually regarding $35 to $40 per sq. ft.

Ceramic and ceramic ware tiles are an honest selection wherever you would like to avoid wasting cash on a top quality tabletop by doing the work yourself. 


Made from a mix of acrylic and polyester particles secured in conjunction with resins, solid surface tabletop materials are usually developed to agree stone and may be formed into a range of shapes, together with all-in-one countertops with sink basins integrated into them. Dozens of various colors and designs are out there from several makers, together with Corina, Siltstone, Swanston, and others. These newer generation “faux stone” tabletops have for the most part replaced the questionable “cultured marble” plastic countertops that after dominated the lavatory countertop market. Once thought to be a premium artifact, solid-surface currently occupies a middle tier between laminate at the lower finish, and natural stone and quartz at the higher finish.


Solid-surface material may be formed into seamless countertops that embrace integrated sink basins.

Material is simple to worry for, resists stains, and may be simply repaired by sanding.

Coloring and pattern are terribly consistent—there is not any drawback matching items


The “stone-look” look is somewhat artificial—the look is a smaller amount elegant than natural stone.

DIY choices are restricted – solid surface materials may be tough to search out purchasable to householders.

Solid-surface material will scorch below the warmth of curling irons.

Solid surface materials usually value $45 to $75 per sq ft, unreal and put in to your specifications. These countertops are glorious in heavy-use bogs, like those utilized by kids. They will even be an honest selection wherever you would like a fast resolution to redecorating a bathroom in preparation for a home sale.
Natural Stone

Natural stone of all kinds is thought to be a step higher than ceramic or ceramic ware tile as a tabletop material. Many various styles of stone are used, together with slate, soapstone, limestone, travertine, marble, onyx, and granite. A natural stone bathroom tabletop sometimes consists of a thick solid block with openings cut for the sinks, however stone countertops can even be created with tiles ordered in a lot of a similar fashion as ceramic tile countertops. Every form of stone has its own set of professionals and cons.

Slate: this can be an honest onerous tabletop material that resists stains once sealed. Colors are uniform reminder grey, black, or green. Prices vary from $50 to $75 per sq ft for solid slabs.
Soapstone: An opaque stone with delicate veining. Colors are usually reminder white or grey. This can be another non-porous stone that’s easier to worry for than granite or marble. Solid block countertops usually value $70 to $100 per sq ft.
Limestone/travertine: Somewhat rare for bogs, stone and its shut relative, travertine, are  comparatively porous stones that require to be rigorously and repeatedly sealed once employed in countertops. Though slabs may be purchased, several stone or travertine countertops are made of tiles. prices for block countertops run $60 to $80 per sq ft.
Marble: A heavily vein like metamorphic stone, marble is one among the foremost lovely of all natural stones, out there in associate nearly infinite sort of colors and patterns. Marble may be a comparatively soft, porous stone that has to be sealed each year or 2. Solid block marble countertops usually value $100 to $200 per sq ft, however they provide associate magnificence unmatched by different tabletop materials.
Granite: though kind of like marble, granite is a lot of seemingly to own flecks of variable colors in it, with less veining than is seen with marble. Granite is that the most well-liked natural stone for countertops, due to its handiness and variety. Block countertops usually value $75 to $175 per sq ft.


Natural stone may be a premium artifact that sends a message of luxury.

Granite and marble countertops are entirely distinctive, with no 2 countertops trying alike.


Most natural stone needs amount waterproofing and a lot of maintenance compared to ceramic tile and designed stone.

Stone is significantly costlier than several different tabletop materials.