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Python for Mobile App Development: How Good is it?

Python is no less than a legend when it comes to programming languages. It has been here for the past many decades and has helped developers to create fabulous products. Whether your goal is to create interactive web apps or bring the best-of-breed data analysis to your disposal, Python is here to make everything possible.   

No wonder why python is behind millions of apps. In today’s post, we’re going to figure out how good Python is for mobile app development.  

Python For Mobile App Development – What Does It Offer

Python is one of the most loved programming languages for developers. Whether you’re an expert developer or a rookie, the language is here to make things better for you. This is a general-purpose programming language making object orientation and structured programming possible by all means.

When it comes to mobile app development, Python has a lot of offers. For instance:

  • The Open-source Nature

It’s an open-source solution allowing a Mobile App development Company or a developer to have a cost-effective solution that organizations can try out without being worried about the cost-extensive resources. 

  • Simplicity 

Python has an easy learning curve and allows developers to write code easily. This makes it an ideal choice to make for every type of developer. There is no special expertise required to bring this programming language into action.   

  • Ideal for Data-intensive applications

If you want to develop an app that can deal with a huge amount of data, then Python is a great choice to make as it can handle an extensive database in one go. Also, it works well with other languages. So, it’s easy to make your feature more productive as you can bring any capability on board. 

  • Best for the Cross-Platform Development

The language allows developers to create code once and use them for different platforms. For instance, the code written for iOS development can be used easily for Android development. The Kivy and BeeWare frameworks by Pythons are great resources to use for cross-platform development.  

  • Learning Resources

There is no dearth of resources when you’re using Python for programming. You get various open-source libraries, a wide range of development frameworks, testing tools, and many more. With all these resources, it’s easy to accomplish the development on or before time. 

The Nitty-Gritty Of Using Python For Mobile App Development 

The above text made it clear that Python is a considerable tool for mobile app development. While you try to adopt this programming technology, make sure that you’re equipped with the right kind of tools and technologies. The prerequisites for using Python for app development include: 

  • A data-driven device that is Python-compatible 
  • A text editor that can easily integrate with Python and help in writing & editing codes 
  • A simulator that can help you test codes in the real-time ecosystem 

Have these resources ready, and you’re all set to use Python for mobile app development. 

Mobile App Types That You Can Build With Python 

Python can make every sort of development possible. But, it brings the best results when it’s used for certain kinds of apps, such as: 

  • Blockchain apps 

Blockchain app development is on the rise, and you can achieve it successfully and seamlessly with the help of Python, as it’s a highly integrated and comprehensible language. 

It will help you use HTTP requests that make blockchain apps highly interactive. As Python permits developers to run scripts on multiple machines at a time, it creates the path for a robust decentralized network. 

  • Machine learning apps 

Python is a great development tool for machine learning apps. ML or machine learning is a technology used for allowing software/systems to operate, analyze, and understand actions/workflows just like humans. T

The libraries of Python like Scikit and Pandas are suitable for machine learning tools. These two are free to use and are GNU licensed. 

  • Command-line apps 

Command-line technology features a graphical user interface. The technology can be easily developed with the help of Python. The programming language offers a Real-Eval-Print-Loop or REPL feature that makes it easy to identify unexplored prospects. 

  • System administration app 

System administration apps are helping organizations to make things sorted and seamless. With the help of Python, it’s easy for developers to create system administration mobile apps that can easily make IO workflow manageable. Whether it’s the simple reading of data or file writing, Python is capable of integrating endless possibilities into the app. 

  • Social networking app 

The world is surrounded by social media apps, and Python is helping developers to create social media apps that provide great memory, quick processing, and optimized disk usage. Instagram, one of the most loved social media apps, is built using Python’s Django framework only. 


Python Isn’t Always A Great Choice To Make 

Using Python for mobile app development has certain challenges, and perfect development is only possible when you’re aware of these challenges and try to overcome them. Have a look at the hurdles that you might face during using Python as a mobile development resource. 

  • While using it as a backend development tool, Python asks for huge calculations that make it somewhat complex. 
  • Python isn’t a great choice to make if you’re developing a scalable app as its GIL or Global Interpreter Lock feature will stop this language from running multiple threads concurrently. 
  • The dynamically typed nature of this programming resource makes it a wrong choice for large projects. 
  • There are no native interface capabilities with Python. Hence, cross-platform development isn’t going to be easy. Even though frameworks like Beeware and Kivy are offered to fill this gap, they are not enough. 

Use Python In Its Best Form 

Python, as a programming language, is a great tool for web & mobile app development. However, certain caveats have to be fixed to make sure that Python brings the best value to your development strategies. You can tame Python with the help of a skilled Python developer service provider. 

Bacancy Technologies has a skilled team of Python developers that have a deeper understanding of this programming language and can use it to create various sorts of mobile development projects. Their professional expertise will help you understand your exact requirements and get customized mobile app development.

Author Bio :-

Chandresh Patel is a CEO, Agile coach and founder of Bacancy Technology – Software Development Company. His truly entrepreneurial spirit, skillful expertise and extensive knowledge in the Agile software development services has helped the organization to achieve new heights of success. Chandresh is fronting the organization into global markets in a systematic, innovative and collaborative way to fulfill custom software development.


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