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Qtrove – Curated With Love bangalore based startup

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 Qtrove is a Bangalore based startup started by the founders of Tasty Khanna, (acquired by Food Panda, 2014) . After the successful venture of Tasty Khanna the founder decided to undertake a totally new venture in the startup capital, Bangalore. It serves, curated with love.


   About Qtrove 

  • It is a Bangalore based curated marketplace that exhibits & sells non-mass amazing produced items from small entrepreneurs across the country.
  • With an aim to release the shoppers from the ‘tyranny of choice’, It selects only the best products from exclusive sellers.
  • From fresh bakery goods to hand made soaps, It brings only the choosiest products for its customers. These products are unique and amazing in nature and are not easily available across the online spectrum. These products have a really good output.
  •  They strictly follow a ‘no discount – no sale’ policy as opposed to the popular business model followed by other big ecommerce players to ensure their vendors get the best deal for their products. It ensures the best results.


Additionally, Qtrove ensures that all the products are of high quality by conducting stringent quality tests before they are showcased on the Qtrove platform. These products would be sustainable in nature and would enhance the well-being of the customers.


In today’s era of assembly line mass production & consumption, Qtrove comes as a breath of fresh air & brings a sense of peace and calm by curating the best products from local entrepreneurs across categories.

Consumers can just explore and sink in the beauty and uniqueness of more than 500 products on showcase.

With a national presence, Qtrove delivers almost everything to your home in the least amount of time with an immaculate packaging.

Qtrove also seeks to empower local entrepreneurs who are producing exotic/unique products in their vicinity and give them a widespread national platform


VERDICT : With complete ensurity, Qtrove is providing the best deals to the customers which are curated with love. Also, provides with a well planned system where the customers gets complete satisfaction.

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