Qualify a Lead Quickly Using Essential Criteria and Top-Notch Software

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Although there is a lot of data present on the internet related to your potential clients, every business owner seems to be searching for qualified leads. This is where the problem lies, as today’s digital environment does not always permit a thorough inspection of the quality of leads. If we intend to define a lead, categorizing the sales leads to individuals who will buy from you. Updating your data with such individuals and removing the irrelevant contacts will significantly affect your B2B lead generation and boost the appointment setting.

In the past, profound analysis can’t categorize a customer under Ideal Customer Profile (ICP), but it is much easier today. Many softwares will assist you with this task and help you bet on the right prospectors in cricket, and you can check out to here for cricket betting software.

It’s been observed that, on average, sales representatives spend 18% of their time generating and researching leads. About 16% of marketers say that outbound practices provide the highest qualified leads. And only 8% of the salespeople say that the leads they received are of high quality. Thus, it becomes essential to research leads to thrive in the market. If you are ready to learn sophisticated methods to qualify leads, this article provides some insights.

1. Qualifying the Sales Leads using Predictive Scoring

It is always possible for a company to involve their Sales Development Representative (SDR) in disclosing the intentions of your potential customers. But today’s digital era practices of lead generation are much more effective and lowers the burden on your SDRs. You can provide some relaxation to your SDRs with the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Several apps are available in the market, which assists the SDRs strike the exact balance between manual analysis and incorporating the best machine learning. The app uses the methods of predictive scoring to provide all kinds of crucial data regarding your prospect’s possible conduct.

Now it’s the responsibility of your SDR to understand the analysis done by the AI and ask relevant questions to develop a strategy. As AI cannot predict the exact level of need of the prospect, it’s the job of SDR to convince the potential customer that your product or service will work best for them.

The software also allows you to go through customer support data and help your sales team categorise customers. It labels the most active users who asked for a demo or enquired with the support representative and marks them as “hot prospects” so that the sales team could attend them as a priority. For the “cold prospect” in B2B, you can put them into a separate category and work on nurturing the relationship to change their status. There is other software, which uses the predictive scoring method in various fields of business. Check out to here for cricket betting software.


2. Qualifying leads using Top-Level Email Software

Email marketing is no new concept in this era of digitalization, but the new concept is using email for qualifying purposes. Ever wondered how to qualify a lead who possesses a subscription to a newsletter of yours. Yeah, it can be done if you wisely analyze the email marketing, as sending personalized messages can qualify a lead with special software. Still, you can also nurture a relationship with them.

Like the appointment setting in the B2B scenario where leads select a particular time to interact with your SDRs, sending a newsletter can also be done, keeping in mind the convenient time for your readers to read it.

Advanced automation tools can provide you with statistics to select the adequate time to schedule your newsletters and marketing emails for the prospects to read them.

  •          You should work upon the content of the email and ensure original content without copying and pasting the exact text.
  •          Be as personalized as possible, use cool templates, use their name, send them interesting content that will promote your product or service to solve their problems.
  •          Don’t forget to segregate your customer base as per your convenience, and it can be based on region, likes, niche content, and more.

This approach will help you restore the balance you lost due to misinterpretation of the prospect’s intentions. You will also be able to re-engage those leads that went cold or the one who returned to your website after a long time, by providing content specific to their needs and likes. Apply these steps, and your sales will skyrocket in no time.


Having a massive quantity of leads is not enough, but the quality of the leads also matters to a great extent. That is why lead qualification is the need of the hour to boost your sales figure. AI can assist you, but sales success depends on your decisions and how to utilize the AI to benefit yourself and the company. Like cricket, where the team’s success depends on captains’ decisions.