Quality Bath Bomb Packaging And Labels To Beautify Your Packaging

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What could be more pleasant than immersing yourself in fragrant, bubbly bathwater after a hard day’s work? It’s the perfect way to relieve stress and enjoy some quiet time. Luxury bath products are important for this type of relaxation. A soak often ends with an exciting bath bomb escapade!

Why not tap into the power of customized labels? Customers can use these to make their shopping experience easier and more rewarding. With so many varieties on the market, it’s hard to take a pick. Customized bath bomb packaging and labels can help shoppers choose faster and better.

Packzy is the perfect partner for customizing bath bomb packaging and labels. We offer beautiful options that will make your products stand out on the shelves. Customers will be crazy about them! Whether you make small batches or large numbers, we’ve got everything you need.

Why Bath Bombs Need Packaging And Labeling: Overview

Bath bombs are a product like any other. They need packaging and labels to convey their features and benefits. Packaging helps to highlight the attractive qualities of bath bombs. If you’re wondering, why bother with labels when there are so many bath bombs purchased in stores that don’t have any packaging? Well, packaging is a must.

Advantages of bath bomb packaging

To begin with, packaging offers protection. Bath bombs are usually made of baking soda, citric acid, and corn flour. But to make them even more interesting, other ingredients are often added.

What if the following situation occurs?

The customer has just gotten home and is excited to use the bath bombs that they just bought. One of the most common complaints with bath bombs is that they often crumble or break into pieces during shipping. This can lead to a messy bag and a product that isn’t useable.
You’ve finished a long day of work and you’re ready to head home. All that’s left is to put the products you bought in the cart away. But as you reach into the bag from your latest purchase, you realize that one of those bottles has already broken.
Furthermore, packaging speaks about your brand image. It’s not just how you choose to show off and sell your products to customers, but also how it leaves the impression. This clear care for your business shows through to customers.

Advantages of bath bomb packaging and labels

Getting a custom label for your bath bombs is an important step towards branding. A nice wrapping or box can do the trick, but if you slap a label on top, it seals the deal.
Not to mention its functionality:
⦁ A label identifies the product.
⦁ It differentiates it from other similar products (your own brand or that of others).
⦁ It provides a lot of useful information.

And last but not least, it allows you to put your product out for sale even if you don’t have a box!
Let’s say you have a variety of bath bombs. One is fruity, one is mint chocolate, one is orchid. A great way to help customers choose which one they want is to beautifully wrap them and label them with the color and fragrance. This makes it easier for them to reorder their favorite brand or find it quickly in your shop.

What Are Bath Bombs Packaging?

Bath bombs come packaged in many different ways. There are many different ways our customers use to package them, but Packzy labels fit them all perfectly.

1. Bath bomb labels applied on plastic/shrink wrap packaging

Shrink wrap, plastic, or custom labels are the most common ways to wrap bath bombs. Each option has its pros and cons. Shrink wrap is a simple way to display your product while allowing for different labels. Shrink wrap also allows for various shapes and sizes of labels, but the most common are round.
The transparency of the packaging is not only aesthetically pleasing, but it gives shoppers a hint about the scent and characteristic of the bath bombs inside. The label on top features specific details about each bath bomb, such as stress relief benefits.

2. Bath bomb labels applied on colored tissue paper/Kraft wrapping paper

Another way to package bath bombs is to wrap them in translucent colored tissue paper. This gives them a fun and exciting look, and it’s super effective, especially for gifting.
Want to make your bath bombs more fun and exciting? Wrap them in translucent colored tissue paper for a chic and exciting look. And don’t forget the natural, vintage touch! For a natural look, you can wrap your bath bombs in Kraft wrapping paper. Not only is it eco-friendly, but it’s also great for environmentally conscious clients. It’s also more durable, and you can embellish it as you please.
Anyway, in both cases, you can place a label with the name of the bath bomb (or benefit, and any other info) directly on top.

3. Bath bomb labels and individual boxes

Packaging your products in custom boxes will ensure their safety and give you more room to customize them. You can have your bath bombs packaged individually, with the box itself printed on one or all sides. Choose from either white, metallized, or colored paperboard with full customization available. With so many options, it’s easier than ever to find the perfect packaging for your branding needs.

It is important to make bath bombs special and memorable. One way to do this is by adding cutouts. For example, a round cutout on one side, or a small rectangular one just to offer a quick “taste” of what’s inside. Another way is to offer finishing options that will make your first impression unforgettable and irresistible. Another good option is to sell your bath bombs in clear plastic boxes.

Using transparent PVC for packaging is a great way to display your products and keep them protected. Apply enticing labels on your transparent PVC, and your bath bombs are ready to be put on the shelves – or sent as a gift. The best thing about these products is that they’ll make a sensation.

Fancy wrapping paper is expensive. Luckily, you can still make the packaging look great! A blank box with a colorful label is all that’s needed. Find a color that matches the bath bomb inside and there you have it, an all-around aesthetically pleasing experience.
You can add images or stick with a clean, yet attractive design. Labels are perfect for customizing boxes with one, two, three, four, or all five sides. They’re the way you and your product communicate with customers.

4. Bath bomb labels and customized boxes for varieties

Is it just the holidays or do you love to give out bath bombs? Customizable boxes are a great way to show off your products. Fill them with different flavors of your bath bombs, or bundle them up in sets. The custom boxes are perfect for any occasion, whether for gifting or personal use.

On the outside:

⦁ Apply catchy labels to give an insight into your brand.
⦁ Use decorative artwork (ribbons, for example, or twine). It will attract and make shoppers curious about your bath bombs.
⦁ Describe your product. Tell a catchy story about it. Or give tips and tricks about how to get the best effects of its relaxing properties.

On the inside:

⦁ Protective inserts are a wonderful choice to keep your bath bombs safe.
⦁ You can apply a label under each bath bomb inside. In this way, customers will know what fragrance they will enjoy and which one they like best.
⦁ Alternatively, wrap each bath bomb in tissue paper and apply a label on top showing the name or describing the benefit.

Window display boxes – another super cool and trendy option that is worth giving a try.
These boxes show how beautiful your bath bombs are on the inside. For example, they might contain a mixture of colors, flakes or flower petals.

There are two types of boxes: white paperboard boxes, which provide a clean and fresh look, and kraft paperboard boxes, which offer an authentic and natural vibe. This combination of artisanal appeal and elegance will rightly promote your products to customers online.
You want to be green? Then you’ve come to the right place. We at Packzy take sustainability seriously and we encourage ecological thinking in every product we offer. Our packages don’t hurt Mother Nature. To learn more, go to our Ecology & Sustainability page.

5. Bath bomb labels applied on clear bags/pouches

Bath Bomb Packaging is vital to the success of your new product. A standard clear bag or gusset bag work well for packaging bath bombs. These bags are flexible, but also have a crisp appearance. You can match a ribbon with the product, and voila! You have a ready-to-go gift. What’s more, these bags offer moisture protection for your bath bombs.
Are you still deciding on what to use as your bath bomb packaging? These tips should help you decide which option best fits your brand, campaign, products, or concepts. And which will be more appreciated by your customers. And don’t worry: You can choose more than one type of packaging!

What Information Should Bath Bomb Labels Provide?

Selling products? Protect yourself! It’s easy to forget about the rules when you’re in the heat of the moment. Whether you’re DIY or retail, it’s important to take precautions. You can’t just sell bath bombs without understanding what category it falls under and what guidelines you must follow.

The FDA classifies personal hygiene products as either a drug, a cosmetic, or both. But the confusion doesn’t stop there. It has different guidelines for each classification, but what about bath bombs? They are considered to be either cosmetics or drugs, depending on the ingredients. So it brings up the question of which is this product regulated under and what policies should it follow.

According to the FDA, any product used for cleansing or beautifying falls under the category of cosmetics. So does bath bombs! Although they are often used for cleansing, they are also used for other skin benefits. That means bath bombs are under the cosmetic category.

Shapes and Types of Bath Bomb Labels

In terms of shape and size, bath bomb labels don’t have any limits. The only thing that limits you is the type and size of the packaging. That means that you can work on your design for labels after you’ve decided on the packaging.

Circular or Oval Labels

⦁ Boxes (paperboard, metallic, PVC), bags (clear, gusset, organza), pouches, shrink/plastic wrap, lids, jars, plastic cups
⦁ Little display of information
⦁ Simple logo & graphics

Rectangular or Square Labels

⦁ Boxes (paperboard, metallic, PVC), pouches, shrink/plastic wrap, jars, plastic cups
⦁ Ideal for wrap-around or security-seal label needs
⦁ Greater display of information
⦁ Bigger or more intricate logo & graphics

Custom Shaped Labels

⦁ Unique branding (label in the shape of your logo or bath bomb theme)
⦁ Works with any type of product and size
⦁ Both great and little display of information depending on size
⦁ Simple or intricate graphics
Our digital printing process makes it easier to fulfill your most special requirements quick and at the best quality.
Digital Printing For Best Quality Bath Bomb Packaging And Labels
Digital printing can be a great choice for your custom bath bomb labels. Not only does it allow you to cut your labels into any shape, but it’s also cheaper than traditional printing. No matter how big your business is, digital printing will always be a great choice for its high-quality graphics and color. Here are the other reasons why:

⦁ Print & cut any label shape and size
⦁ Print your labels in multiple versions
⦁ Printed & cut to perfection
⦁ Free matte or gloss lamination
⦁ All labels are waterproof
⦁ Strong adhesive, easy to apply and peel
And that’s not all. We are proud about our values…
Go eco-friendly for your bath bomb Packaging And labels
Your customers care about the environment. If you use eco-friendly labels, they’ll know and appreciate it. It’s a win-win for all of us. For example, when you choose YBS labels, their paperboard and inks are eco-friendly and recyclable. That’s something to be proud of! Let people know you care about the environment!

Worried About Choosing The Right Materials For Your Bath Bomb Packaging And Labels?

Don’t be! When you order from Packzy, we only print on the best quality paper. All our labels are made of biaxially oriented polypropylene (BOPP). This durable material means that your labels will not be damaged by moisture or wear and tear.

⦁ Oil & water-resistant
⦁ Tear-resistant
⦁ Chemicals & UV resistant
⦁ Non-toxic
⦁ No smudging or fading
Here are the three type that you can choose from.
White BOPP
Printed on white film. Any color can be printed on top of the white ink.

Clear BOPP

Printed on transparent background film. Illusion of an “invisible label”.

Metallic BOPP
Printed on a silver substrate. Makes all printed colors appear metallic.

Coatings and finishes for your bath bomb Packaging And labels

When it comes to personalization, an extra touch is a step closer to success. For a unique bath bomb experience, you can add a glossy label or a matte one for a budget-friendly price. Either way, your product will make an impression with shoppers while still fitting into your budget. All our labels are finished with a gloss or matte laminate for FREE!

Gloss Laminated Labels (FREE)

A shiny finish and a very reflective surface to the label area.

Matte Laminated Labels (FREE)

A subtle, non-glossy lamination, perfect if you prefer a worn-out look.

Soft Touch Laminated Labels

Creates a shine-free surface, offering a smooth feel and elegant looks.

For a high-end look, or your special collection, maybe even for a special gift, or a Christmas offer, gold foil is on the top of the list.

Gold Foil

Gold foil can be stamped onto any label surface with heat, but the finest details should measure no smaller than 1 point.

Order Your Custom Bath Bomb Labels

What we sell is what we make. There are no middle men or outsourced boxes. When you buy from Packzy, you’re getting a 100% made in the AUSTRALIA box that was made locally in Oregon. We guarantee you get the finished product you were aiming for!

Get as low as 250 labels at once

You want to make your products but you don’t have the money to get them made? We help you solve this problem by providing low minimums of 100 labels per order. Can’t decide what extras to add to your labels? No worries! You can order maximum labels at a time. Low minimums are helpful for your budget, and they give you the opportunity to test out your products on a small scale.
You could be the next step towards success! Just imagine your brand on top of all your competition. With a little creativity, we’ll make it come to life.

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What could be more pleasant than immersing yourself in fragrant, bubbly bathwater after a hard day’s work? It’s the perfect way to relieve stress and enjoy some quiet time. Luxury bath products are important for this type of relaxation. A soak often ends with an exciting bath bomb escapade! Why not tap into the power...Quality Bath Bomb Packaging And Labels To Beautify Your Packaging