Quick and easy tips for organizing your kitchen Countertop

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Let’s admit it; it’s a real struggle to keep your kitchen countertop mess-free and organized at all times. But what if we tell you some tips to de-clutter your countertop and make it look like the bougie ones you see on reality cooking shows? 

4  tips to keep your kitchen countertop organized

1. Invest in a Lifewit Spice Rack – organizer for your kitchen drawer

One of the most probable reasons why your countertop is messy is because of the spice boxes you left unattended on the countertop after cooking. When these boxes don’t have a particular place to go, you won’t mind if it’s lying anywhere on the countertop. The best way to solve this problem is to give your spices a place to reside in your kitchen drawer.

Invest in a Lifewit spice drawer organizer. It’s a three-tier organizer wherein you can actually lay down your spices without spilling them and still have room for nearly 18 different spices or even pulses. 


The item comes in two sizes, so you can buy the one that best suits your kitchen drawers. Now with these organizers, you can easily use the required spices and put them back where they are supposed to be put. A major portion of decluttering your kitchen countertop is done in that way.


The product is made of sturdy plastic, so no matter what kind of spice jars you use, be it be of plastic or glass, the rack would hold its weight and won’t crack easily. Label the spice/herb jars and place them on the Lifewit Spice Rack with the labeled side on top. This way, when cooking, you can easily find the right spice on time and put it back in its place.  Quick and easy tips for organizing your kitchen Countertop

2. Place only frequently used appliances n your countertop

If you have a small countertop, it’s likely to get easily crowded from the appliances in your kitchen. As a rule of thumb, keep a maximum of three appliances, and that too most frequently used ones on the countertop.

For example, if you aren’t a coffee person and rarely need a cup of coffee, then remove the coffee maker from the countertop and keep it in your kitchen cabinet. It would still be easily accessible when you need it, but don’t take up a large chunk of space from your kitchen countertop.


Likewise, if you use a toaster daily, then make space for it and ditch the waffle machine that you might have used once or twice in your lifetime. To get a clutter-free countertop, you might have to sacrifice some of your impulsive purchased appliances.

3. Hanging storage for the rescue

Many a times, people fail to make maximum use of the hanging storage hooks that can be easily attached to your shelf or the walls and can be used to hand your knives and spoons. These storages are great because you don’t need to invest in a large spoon/knife organizer for your countertop.

The spoons would be always in your visibility, and also, you don’t need to allocate a separate drawer or organizer for it. 


4. Use a tray to keep your essentials on the countertop

No matter how much you try to clean your countertop, at least two items tend to remain, and no matter how hard you try to store them, they come right back on the countertop. This is because these items are essential for your daily cooking, and therefore, keep them together in a tray towards right beside the stove or the wash sink.


For example, your favorite mug is one such thing. You use it everyday and, at times, twice a day, and therefore, it’s hard to keep it tucked in the cabinet. So it makes the most sense to find it a permanent place on your kitchen countertop.


Final Thoughts

Try implementing these four tricks in your kitchen and see how much clutter you can eliminate from your countertop. It’s sure to keep your kitchen a bit more organized so that you get whatever’s needed when you are cooking right when it’s needed.

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