RAS Preparation Tips

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Rajasthan Administrative Services (RAS) is a highly regarded job post in Rajasthan. Rajasthan Public Service Commission (RPSC), founded in 1949.  The state government heads RPSC. The main job of RPSC is to fill the vacancies of various posts such as RAS, RTS, and RPS. 


RPSC RAS is a good career option, and the salary of RAS Officer is also good. Every year lakhs of aspirants prepare and sit for the RPSC RAS exam, but only a few get selected.   


The RPSC RAS exam is known to be a challenging exam in the Rajasthan state. RPSC RAS exam is a tough nut to crack, but with the right guidance, a good strategy, and proper planning, anyone can clear the exam. The RAS exam is carried out in three stages: Prelims, Mains, and Interview. In this article, we will discuss some tips and tricks required for preparation for the RAS exam.


However, before giving some tips, you might think about how you can prepare for the RAS exam and clear it on the first attempt? The simple answer is to join RAS Coaching. Many RAS institutes are available in the market, but The Thought Tree is the best RAS Coaching in Jaipur that provides mentorship to its students. So coming back to our topic, let’s see some of the best RAS Preparation Tips. 


RAS Preparation Tips


  • Make a Study PlanRAS Preparation

We are aware that many subjects need to be covered as per the syllabus to clear the RAS exam, so devise a good study plan so that you can manage your time and your schedule. This would allow the aspirants to be enthusiastic about studying, revise concepts easily and finish the complete syllabus on time. 


  • Check Previous Exam Papers

Check previous year’s RPSC questions papers so that you get an idea of which topics are repeatedly asked in the exam. It will help prepare for the RPSC exam instead of studying all the topics that every student generally does. Previous question papers would allow the aspirant to know the exam pattern and the difficulty level of the exam. 


  • Become Well-Versed with the Exam Pattern

It is important to check the pattern of the RPSC RAS exam for all three phases of the exam. Check things such as the format of the paper, what is the marking scheme, the number of questions asked in different papers, duration of the exam. It will allow the aspirant to organize everything in a particular order. 


  • Practice Answer WritingRAS Preparation

Answer writing practice is super important because there are times when the aspirants will read topics repeatedly during the preparation of the exam. This leads to the information being unscattered and unorganized in the brain. Answer writing practice will allow the aspirant to write the answers easily, and the aspirant will be able to develop their thought process. An excellent capability to write clear answers can be made possible only through a good amount of practice.


  • Take Mock Tests 

Take as many mock tests and papers as you can, as it will help you know the format and how much time is required for the RAS exam. If you solve a lot of mock papers, then the actual exam paper will be just like solving another mock paper. It will give you an idea of where you stand and your weaknesses, and then work on them. 


  • Manage Time RAS Preparation

Create a schedule and build a habit of studying, revising, and memorizing the concepts and knowledge but do not forget to remember the information in the long run. Keep in mind that the RPSC RAS exam preparation takes a lot of time, and the aspirants will have to retain and recall the information and write the answers after 12 months every so often.   


  • Revision

After completing half of the RPSC RAS exam syllabus, an aspirant should start taking mock tests to develop the understanding and the practice. A mock test will give the aspirant an idea of what the real exam will be like. It also helps to retain and recall in a better way and will give an advantage during the exam. Make notes and easily revise through the notes. Keep in mind that revision is the mantra for success. 


The Bottom Line


So, to wrap up this discussion, I hope that these tips for the RAS exam will be helpful and will help you to pursue your dream of becoming a RAS officer. Just remember to have positive thinking and have confidence while preparing for the exam. 

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