Trade to Territory


History Diaries organized an educational theatre show for students of classes 7 and 8 at Little Theatre Group, Mandi House on 8th August 2019.

The play ‘Trade to Territory’ talks about the period of 16-19th century showing how British Rule established its roots in India for trade and eventually started gaining the Territories.  The act comprises of two Narrators – Nat, an usual fun-loving character and Nati, an innocent and sensitive character, who took the students through this journey of 200 years. Depicting the era from Bengal to England to Awadh to Jhansi, Nat-Nati shows the conditions of these places. Students get to know the different perspectives of not just rulers, kings or British but also of the common people during that time period. Trade to Territory

This educational theatrical play directed by Gaurav Grover took the audience through various historical era that have been picked up from the school’s text books and beyond . The play was filled with music, dance and lights left the audience to make their own judgments about all that they witnessed. Students were excited to witness the history chapters coming live in front of them and find it more interesting and engaging for them to remember for a long time to come.

The guests of Honor were, Suman Doonga, head of publicity and communications Spic-Macay, Anita Sharma, principal SD Public School
, Jayshree Joshi,  expert resource person CBSE, she had been principal of Jaypee public school and amity international school, Mr. Sandeep Bidani , India’s first Specially abled senior HR Leader, Ex CHRO of American Express, IBM and KPMG and Mr. Rajesh, CEO Aim2Excel. Students from SD Public School, Richmond Global School, Tagore International and GD Salwan School attended the play. History Diaries, co-founded by IIT Delhi Alumni, aims to build compassionate generations by connecting self to history.

Talking about the play, Ankit Narayan, Founder History Dairies, said, “Our aim is to make history interesting, engaging and more relevant through theater programs and workshops designed for school students. Kids tend to remember lessons/chapters, if they are projected in an attention grabbing manner. Hence, our effort is to bring history closer to the students and our audiences.Trade to Territory


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