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Real terms of SEO website promotion

SEO Promotion

The development of an Internet resource, like any business, requires clear planning. Seeing your project on the top search page is a natural desire, but you need to be patient and persistent, since SEO is a well-planned, systematic and systematic work. It will not work to reach the top and rest on our laurels, the issue is regularly modified, competitors always strive to catch up and overtake. Many parameters affect the actual timing of SEO promotion, and you can estimate the time spent by considering the data that affects the optimization.

General factors of site promotion

Website promotion time is not a constant figure. Time costs depend on the list of factors that should be taken into account when drawing up a plan:

  • The scale of the project. Large and complex projects will take longer to achieve the desired goal.
  • Optimization problems. It is easier to reach the top for high-frequency queries, unlike low-frequency ones.
  • Keywords. directly affect development. When choosing, preference is given not only to high-frequency, but also to low-frequency queries that specify the user’s request.
  • Technical condition. The structure of the site may require changes, which will affect the time to reach the top.
  • Region. The densely populated and competitive region, user activity is taken into account.
  • Competition, niche. It is more difficult to raise a competitive product or service to the top of the TOP, the time costs are greater.

The presence of a qualified team on the part of the contractor and the customer is half the battle.

Tentative dates

A well-planned work plan and making the first changes will allow you to see the result in the shortest possible time from 2 months. Visibility in the search results will improve, traffic statistics will begin to rise.

Achieving the result depends on the successful implementation of the primary goals. Each project has specific goals that are achieved step by step, systematically. If the task is to increase traffic data by 2 times, SEO sets an approximate time frame – 7-8 months.

Why does promotion take so long?

SEO is not an option to quickly increase traffic or conversions. It is impossible to get significant results in a day or a month, although there are exceptions to the rules. Why so long:

  • The work begins with portal analytics, auditing, examinations and strategy development. Time costs – not less than a month.
  • Further, technical changes, changes in design, content are carried out, actions are taken on the link profile of the resource.
  • The next stage is working with analytics, building up relevant content, link mass. It takes months to implement this item.

A common mistake is to work only with a single optimization factor. For example, a reference mass is added, technical optimization is not carried out. Such actions are not expedient, and lead to an increase in the timing of promotion.

Selection of requests for competitor analysis

It is necessary to study the top competitors of the niche, and determine the factors that allow them to be in the first place of issue. It is not necessary to draw their techniques step by step, it is important to find the main solutions for your project, identifying the advantages and disadvantages.

In this direction, indicative factors are the actions of rivals with requests. You need to study what keys competitors use to reach the TOP, and develop your own semantics, taking into account the range of products and the list of services.

Increasing traffic exclusively for high-frequency keys will require a lot of time, financial costs, and brings little tangible results, unlike low- and medium-frequency ones.

According to experienced SEOs, low-frequency keywords can increase traffic data by 70%.

Content and internal development

Benefits of Internal Optimization:

  • accelerated finding of pages by search robots;
  • correct display of information;
  • accelerated indexing and search results;
  • comfortable work with pages for users.

Work on content should be carried out taking into account modern requirements. The time has passed when content was written for search robots, today the speed of SEO promotion is influenced by texts written for people. The technical indicators of the content are important, but if the text is not interesting, does not contain useful information, it will not be read, which will worsen the behavioral factor.

Content should be interesting, structured, and accurately respond to user requests. For ease of reading, headings, lists, and strict adherence to paragraphs are important.

Checklist to help

For the effective development of the resource, it is important to comply with the following rules:

  • Server response speed is an important factor influencing growth rate.
  • Meta tags increase the CTR and increase the position of pages in the SERP.
  • Data protection is an important point that allows you to gain credibility with users, and is well-rated by search engines.
  • The number of useful pages with content will increase the score. If the site does not provide content, add a blog.
  • Optimization for queries will increase the real terms of SEO promotion, and raise the parameters of the site.

Actions that improve usability are important steps that ensure the achievement of top positions, operational efficiency, user acquisition, and revenue growth.

External optimization

External links give great results that affect traffic data. Search engines appreciate the discussed resources, and users receive additional information on finding an interesting site. It is more convenient to lead the way to your site with the help of social networks, buying a link mass. Optimization includes such actions: creation of a plan for the implementation of links, selection of donor portals.

External optimization begins with the selection of key queries that are based on the structure of the portal and are used to create the text. An important point in the promotion is the availability of a catalog of services/offer/products. The main sections should be accessible not only from the main page, but also from the resource sections. The titles of the sections consist of keywords, taking into account the activities of the company.

Promotion timeline

Search promotion is building a business from scratch, working for the future. It is not worth waiting for results instantly, since the resource will bring significant dividends no earlier than six months later. And if the site has a competitive theme, the time to achieve success increases to 2-3 years.

Reasons for long optimization:

  • Sites with a complex structure will require a large amount of content, volume of links, and analytics.
  • A complex technical condition will require time to remove duplicate pages, solve problems with indexing, and adapt the project to changes.
  • Optimization tasks: organic traffic, increasing positions, improving conversions – all this takes time, as search robots must make sure that the resource is reliable.
  • Competition is an important aspect. If the TOP is occupied by “mammoths”, it will be difficult to move them or bypass them, but it is possible.

Quite often there is an advertisement that promises to achieve what you want in 8-12 weeks. In fact, when concluding a contract, they do not indicate the period, since the mission requires both time and experience from the performer.

Are there ways to speed up promotion?

Speeding up the promotion process is a natural desire of the resource owner. Unfortunately, SEO does not give quick results, but there are ways to speed up the indexing of a resource and attract a search robot to the site.

The site being promoted must be added to Google and Bing webmasters. These are analytics services that display the necessary information on page indexing, content and site quality, and diagnostic data on resource evaluation in search results.

Also, the following actions will affect the acceleration:

  • Sending important pages that need quick indexing to be crawled through webmaster services. The effect is guaranteed.
  • Use a sitemap and indicate important pages in the file for indexing.
  • Set up robots.txt, and tell the search robot which pages to index, which ones can be bypassed.
  • Content update for information resources. Online stores update content by adding new product cards.
  • Linking will speed up optimization, make it easier for search robots to work.
  • Use low-frequency queries when drawing up a content plan.

It is impossible to predict in advance how long to expect a result from SEO, before analyzing the technical and analytical state of the resource. No conscientious SEO specialist will name specific dates, only assumptions based on factors such as link base, content, niche competition. Conducting an audit of the resource will allow the owner to obtain preliminary information on time and financial costs, to draw up a plan for further business development.

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