Best Resources to Learn Digital Marketing

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Internet marketing uses all the tools inherent in offline commercial promotion of a product. At the same time, web commerce, in contrast to classical marketing, which is practised by print publications, radio and TV, has undoubted advantages. For market strategists, they lie in the ability to advertise a product to a target audience on diverse resources – from corporate websites and social networks to mail services and instant messengers.

Therefore, many are striving to delve into the aspects of digital marketing. Here are some resources for learning all about it that may help you:

1. Social Media Examiner

Social Media Examiner is a major educational marketing project with over 2 million monthly readers and over half a million subscribers to its email campaigns. The annual conference Social Media Marketing World, which is held by the resource, is attended by 3 thousand marketers.

In addition to articles, 45-minute podcasts are regularly posted here, in which the creator of the project, Michael Stelzner, talks with industry experts about the fate of social media, strategies and tactics for promoting in social networks, etc. In addition, talk shows are held once a week in live video format where Stelzner talks about industry news and his guests comment on them.

2. Social Media Today

Social Media Today is another major social media resource with an audience of 1 million monthly readers. Lots of useful content. Industry news, expert publications on digital marketing, content marketing, interesting infographics, etc.

3. Buffer

Buffer is the blog of the famous social media content planner of the same name. They write a lot about how to work with YouTube and Instagram, there are useful cases like “How I increased my traffic by almost 50% in just 30 days using Twitter.”
It also makes sense to keep an eye on podcasts that bring up topics such as “The Art of Copywriting: How to Make Captions for Photos That Engage Your Audiences” or “The 6 Rules of Outstanding Storytelling from Pixar.”

4. RazorSocial

RazorSocial is the blog of an Irish company of the same name created by renowned social media and content marketing specialist Ian Cleary. They write a lot about marketing technologies in general, about SMM, content, analytics.

5. Content Marketing Institute

The Content Marketing Institute was founded by Joe Pulizzi, who in the West is considered neither more nor less the godfather of content marketing. The resource publishes a lot of useful material on content marketing – cases, toolkits, instructions from the how-to series, tips from global brands.

Also, the Pulizzi team conducts research, the results of which are shared on the site, and creates a large amount of educational content in their discipline – podcasts, e-books, webinars. You will also find all this on the Institute’s website.

6. HubSpot

HubSpot is a highly reputable blog for a large marketing automation solutions company. Everything that is relevant in internet marketing will definitely be reflected here.

7. Moz

Moz is the blog of a well-known SEO company. But then the range of services expanded, respectively, and the topics covered in the blog increased. Although search engine optimisation, traffic and everything related to it are still the core topics of the blog. Therefore, if your main task for today is to learn about digital marketing, you are definitely on the right place.
Moz founder Rand Fishkin, an SEO and marketer, writes a lot himself. The blog also publishes materials from Fishkin’s colleagues and market experts.

8. Convince & Convert

Blog by digital agency Convince & Convert, led by Jay Bayer, renowned marketer and media consultant, author of six books, each of which is on The New York Times bestseller list. And his blog was named the Content Marketing Institute, which we talked about above, the # 1 content marketing blog in the world. Probably, one can argue with this statement, but there is no doubt that Convince & Convert Blog is a storehouse of useful information for a beginner marketer.

In addition to the articles, pay attention to podcasts, which contain quite original stories and topics. For example, the story of how a huge audit company decided to use Snapchat to manage its team, and what came of it. Or a guide on how to make your employees brand advocates on social media. In general, a lot of interesting things.

9. Learning material

Be sure to find the best rto training materials. To become a true professional in this field, in addition to all the above resources, you must have access to engaging learning materials and quality assessment tools. In this way, you will master the necessary knowledge in a short time.


Thanks to the Internet, a lot of information is easily available to us today. Try to use it wisely. All these resources can help you learn, improve and progress. Just be persistent and focused. Good luck in gaining new knowledge and a new profession!