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Roy Gagaza: Developing a Retirement Income Plan that Maximizes Success

Roy Gagaza: Developing a Retirement Income Plan that Maximizes Success

Whatever your plans for retirement, developing an income plan ahead of time is essential. According to financial consultant Roy Gagaza, 76 percent of baby boomers are uncomfortable with their present retirement arrangements. And with social security predicted to be underfunded by more than one-fifth within a little over a decade, matters are only going to get worse.

Social Security Administration figures point toward underfunding equivalent to 23 percent by 2034. Ultimately, today’s and tomorrow’s seniors increasingly find more money going out than coming in. For these and an ever-growing number of other reasons, a successful retirement income plan has never been more imperative.

Thankfully, help is on hand, courtesy of longtime industry professional Roy Gagaza. Gagaza is the co-founder of Journey Wealth Management. The name behind the pioneering WealthWize Way, he and his team specialize in successful retirement income planning.

What Makes a Great Income Plan?

So, what makes a great income plan? For Roy Gagaza, it’s all about taking complicated information, making it simple, and ensuring the probability of success in black and white. It’s at the heart of the WealthWize Way pioneered by the Journey Wealth Management co-founder.

Earlier in the acclaimed financial consultant’s career, he began creating extensive 32-page retirement plans for his clients. However, upon asking how many of them read their plans cover-to-cover, he discovered that almost none did.

With that, Gagaza sought to develop a more straightforward approach. The result is a proven, simplified retirement income plan that maximizes success for retirees and pre-retirees alike.

The WealthWize Way

Roy Gagaza and Journey Wealth Management’s highly focused WealthWize Way addresses five core areas. These five areas are investments, taxes, income, healthcare, and family. According to Gagaza, many other financial professionals dealing with retirement planning focus on just one or two areas, usually anchored primarily to investments.

Gagaza and Journey Wealth Management differ because they see retirement as a journey, not solely a destination. Furthermore, it’s a holistic journey. By anticipating life’s many twists and turns and focusing equally on investments, taxes, income, healthcare, and estate planning, Gagaza and his team put clients on the correct path to the individual retirement journeys of their dreams.

Secure a Prosperous Retirement Today

Journey Wealth Management co-founder Roy Gagaza believes everyone should feel empowered to make informed financial decisions, including when it comes to retirement planning. Via the WealthWize Way, he and his team help people prepare for the future by ensuring a happy and prosperous retirement.

For a no-obligation WealthWize Way assessment, schedule a call or visit with Journey Wealth Management today.


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