Why you must send flowers on Valentine’s day

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How would you feel if you found a bouquet of beautiful flowers on your doorstep? wouldn’t that bring a smile to your face and will instantly make you happy. That’s the magical power that has been given to flowers by nature that they could instantly lighten up your mood and make your soul happy. They are an excellent instrument to express your feelings without even saying a word!
What’s a better day to express your feelings than Valentine’s day. A day dedicated to all the lovers all around the world to spend a day surrounded by love and romance. A day of hugs, kisses, and gratitude. What makes Valentine’s day important is its undying enthusiasm that fills the heart of lovers with the feeling of expressing love to their near and dear ones.

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Valentine’s day has been named after Saint Valentine who died fighting for love. In the third century AD, The Roman Emperor Claudius II prohibited young men from marrying as he believed that single young men made better soldiers as they had nothing much to lose.
When young Christian men started protesting, Claudius started persecuting Christians. As this went on, a young priest names valentine took a courageous step by marrying young lovers in secret.

The priest Valentine got caught and was incarcerated for disobeying the Emperor. In the Jail, he met Asterius who had a blind daughter. Through his faith and praying, priest Valentine healed Asterius’s Daughter. Valentine and Asterius soon became good friends and his daughter fell for the kind priest.

While being executed, Valentine wrote a letter to the love of his life, Asterius’s daughter whom he healed with his miraculous powers which he sighed as “Your Valentine”. From that day onwards, Valentine’s day is celebrated to honor Valentine’s sacrifice for love. A day dedicated to all young lovers to celebrate their love all around the world.


Flowers are the most elegant and perfect gift to send to someone you love and care about. It tells them how much you think about them, love them. Sending flowers implies that the recipient is like a flower in your life who has adorned your life with their presence. Just like flowers, they have bought fragrance and beauty in your life. Flowers mean you love and care which makes it a traditional gift all around the world on a day like – Valentine’s day. Valentine’s day is all about celebrating love. Traditional valentine’s day includes gifting flowers because flowers are an integral part of nature. The celebration of such a romantic festival is incomplete without the right type of flower that could express your emotions. Every flower upholds a different meaning and relevance.

Every flower has its own importance varying on its color and breed which is why mostly flowers in red color are sent on valentine’s day as red is the universal color of love.

The practice of sending flowers originates from 18th century Sweden wherein lovers sent flowers to each other and exchanged messages. Until today, this tradition has been kept alive as lovers still believe in giving flowers to their lovers.


RED ROSE- red rose to symbolize the “I can’t live without you”. Being universally acknowledged for being the most romantic flower, this flower is perfect to send to your loved ones. No other flower could express your deep love as much as a red rose. The red rose symbolizes deep love and passion. As quoted said by Robert Burns “O, my love is like a red, red rose.”


Pink roses are known for their vibrancy and radiancy. Pink roses symbolize gratitude, grace, and joy. Pink roses suggest gentleness compared to any other rose. Roses are a classic symbol of love and have been long associated with deep love and emotion. Just like red rose pink roses have also been used by lovers to express their undying love for each other.


The beauty and innocence of this flower are worth writing poetry about. It is associated with purity and love. For centuries, they have been used to celebrate ever-lasting love. You could send white lilies and pink lilies to your lovers as White lilies are associated with love and purity. They have often been an appropriate choice for weddings. Moreover, pink and lavender lilies are feminine flowers. They represent love and care.


These thin-petalled flowers symbolize purity and innocence. Daisies are an exquisite choice as they are quite tender and lovely. They are a visual treat as they could instantly light up the ambiance of the room with their presence. Light-pink daisies are perfect to gift an arrangement on Valentine’s day to your true love.


This official emblem of china is also known for the love connotations attached to it. Peony itself translates to “most beautiful” and you surely will be mesmerized by the beguiling beauty that will make the recipient fall in love with it. Send a bouquet of Peonies to your significant other to express your love and care this Valentine’s.


Carnations symbolize love and admiration. They also symbolize hope for everlasting and eternal life. They are also well-known for their power to relieve psychological stress and their fragrance could help in soothing emotions. Above that, they are best – suited for religious purposes and are also popularly known as “Flower of God”. Red carnations are an ideal choice for Valentine’s day as they symbolize admiration and deep love.

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