Australia batsman shane watson launch brand t20 stars

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Shane Watson T20 stars brand launched

Cricket! Who doesn’t love it? It is the most loved game all over the world.

For Shane Watson, cricket started with a dream, as a 6-year-old growing up in Ipswich, Queensland.

Back then quality cricket equipment, bats, balls, pads and gloves were affordable. It seemed like every kid in the neighbourhood played cricket in the backyard with a bat and ball that lasted.

Shane Watson wanted that to happen again. He wanted to make cricket affordable again.

The World Cup wins, the IPL victories, the centuries, the wickets, the friendships and many lessons that he has learnt along the way are all attributed to that very first bat.

During his 20 years of playing professional cricket. He learned exactly what cricketers want and need. Now he is glad to share all of that knowledge with you.

Being a Father to a cricket-obsessed child, he understood the complexities around making the right choices, and how confusing it can be for a parent and child new to the game wanting to purchase their first cricket bat.

To make it easier for you, he has created a series of videos explaining how to choose the right equipment and some key points that will help you make an informed decision.

Therefore, Now, the biggest news is Shane Watson launched his new brand by the name of t20 stars. After the complete research for over 12 months with the best cricket manufacturers in the world.

Shane Watson has designed his own cricket product range which will include high-quality bats, gloves, pads and balls at economical prices.

He was super excited while launching his brand and he took the medium of Instagram to let his fans know about the new venture.

His wish is that T20Stars cricket gear will play a special role in the cricketing journey as it did in his. He has been able to source products from one of the world’s leading bat manufactures, and have only premium cricket products at affordable prices.

Now, he is doing this to make sure the game is as affordable as when he grew up in rural Queensland.

This new brand states T20 Stars by Shane Watson – ‘For the attachment of cricket’.

The brand gains immense love from the fans that in few days the Instagram page t20 stars attain 7000 + followers.

Here are the details of some of the products under the Shane Watson t20 stars brand

t20 stars brand bat

1. Bats – The bats are carefully designed by Shane Watson using Grade 2 Unbleached English Willow. Every feature is to maximise performance and reduce bat spine.

t20 stars brand glove

2. Gloves and Pads – High-quality pads are designed very carefully for incredible comfort and to maximize protection for all players

t20 stars brand ball

3. Crickets Balls – 2 pieces and 2 piece leather balls that range from good quality practice balls to premium quality match balls designed for junior, women ‘s and men’s cricket.

All the products are well packed in an eco-friendly manner. The brands aim to deliver high-quality products without the heavy-hitting price tags.

Also, It will be providing free shipping throughout Australia for orders over $75.

We wish Shane Watson a great milestone in his new venture  t20 stars.
For the love of cricket!