Smaaash Karting & Pitstop Brewpub

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Smaaash Sky Karting & Pitstop Brewpub


Smaaash Sky Karting & Pitstop Brewpub is opened in Gurgaon Sector – 29 this 2017. It is located at the prime location , close to the Huda City Center metro station and next to Appu Ghar check the pic below.It has ample amount of parking available, so you d not need to hesitate in driving up to place by your own vehicle and is open from 12:15 pm to 12:00 am.

smaaash sky karting pitstop brewpub

A wide variety of awesome pub food and handcrafted beers is makes it super special.


We went there on a weekend, and must say that it was buzzing with people. We were amazed to see many karting enthusiasts waiting for their turn to try the most advanced karts in the country as well as the spectacular, world-class racing track designed by a Spain & Germany based firm Protex Karting.

The karting area is huge, carries a bluish tinge and features an assortment of neon lights along and around the track, which seems like a scene from a sci-fi movie.

smaaash sky karting pitstop brewpub track

The building in which it is located has been given a shape of a truck which looks damn astonishing! It has two floors – Ground floor has dining area – indoor and outdoor both. On the 1st floor it has a 500 metres go Karting track along 5 meters wide area .

smaaash sky karting pitstop brewpub pool

The cars are powered with electric engine and batteries which helps better acceleration, the ride was a thrilling experience. It was one of the most adventurous moment of my life. The Track gives you a complete feel of true racer .You’ll get the drive it for 6 minutes for 450 INR on weekdays and 550 INR on weekends.

The experience can’t be described in words. Evening are better to race , as the  zone is  transformed into blue light zone which adds more fun , Also they have set prizes if one breaks some set records.

smaaash sky karting pitstop brewpub outside


There are various packages available and the booking can also be done online while the payment has to be done at the venue.

Weekdays :-

  • Karting 101 (3 minutes) – Rs. 250
  • Karting Advanced (6 minutes) – Rs. 400
  • Karting Grand (10 minutes) –Rs. 600
  • Karting Mega Grand (15 minutes) – Rs. 900

Weekends and Public Holidays :-

  •  Karting 101 (3 minutes) – Rs. 300
  • Karting Advanced (6 minutes) – Rs. 500
  • Karting Grand (10 minutes) –Rs. 800
  • Karting Mega Grand (15 minutes) – Rs. 1,000


Pitstop Brewpub is India’s greatest Truck eatery and bar.The Pitstop Brewpub is intended to enable individuals to unwind, have a few beverages and enjoy delectable food.

smaaash sky karting pitstop brewpub bar

The Pitstop features an old-world charm that comes with an assortment of rustic wooden paraphernalia. The area is bathed in cozy amber lighting, which sets the mood for experiencing a memorable food and drinks session. The bar menu features a wide variety of cocktails including classics as well as quirky ones, in-house brews, an assortment of spirits & liqueurs, wines, beer, and mocktails.

The food served at Pitstop is an eclectic mix of Thai, Italian, and North Indian cuisine.



smaaash sky karting pitstop brewpub shake

Death by chocolate is a superb shake quenched with a mix of dark belgian chocolate and milk. The taste is amazing. The flavors of delicious chocolate would definitely force you to have more and more sips.


smaaash sky karting pitstop brewpub food

smaaash sky karting pitstop brewpub food item

The dish is a combination of stuffed mushrooms with cheese and spinach shallow fried tossed with thai herbs. It has a great taste, superb filling and is quite crispy. The thai herb have their own flavors which is amazing. The combination of sauce added to it gives more taste to it.

smaaash sky karting pitstop brewpub food dishes


smaaash sky karting pitstop brewpub food 1

The Three Cheese Garlic Bread is basically a combination of Mozerella, Gurre and english cheddar cheese spread evenly on garlic bread. It is served with few chopped veggies. Has a good taste. The oregano adds up more flavor to it.


smaaash sky karting pitstop brewpub cheese

The Cottage Cheese with Sauce sizzler was our favourite among’s all. The sizzler’s  heat bring in water to our mouth. It has damn amazing taste. The combination of chilly, hot beans ,Sichuan and black pepper sauce give such a taste that your taste buds will ask for more and more. The old fashioned cottage cheese is served with sauteed vegetables , creamy corns,potatoes wedges and a choice between noddles or fried rice. ( we ordered fried rice)


smaaash sky karting pitstop brewpub pizza

The Smaash lover Pizza is the in  house speciality. Served with  onion, tomatoes capsicum, American corn , mushrooms and chilly pickle. It has crispy thin base.  similarly The taste is good overall.


smaaash sky karting pitstop brewpub water

Virgin Mojito is the most refreshening soft drink that gives you a fresh feel. The fragnance of mint relaxes your mind. It had a great taste


smaaash sky karting pitstop brewpub nacho

Nachos were loaded with sour cream , salsa, cheese sauce and sprinkles. The taste was amazing.


smaaash sky karting pitstop brewpub features

  • A pool table is also present in the premises.
  • All participants are given a 6 minute briefing before entering the circuit.
  • Free wi-fi.
  • One-of-a-kind indoor circuit.
  • Shoe racks and lockers are available for the customers.
  • Sky Karting offers a world-class racing track by a Spain and Germany based firm Protex Karting.
  • The go-karting circuit has a brew-pub right below it.