Social media management: how to use multiple accounts on Instagram and TikTok

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According to digital marketing experts, social media networks are the hardest platforms for establishing a strong presence. With billions of active users seeking fame, visibility and relevancy, modern marketing specialists need to be technically efficient and aware of the best strategies and tools to stimulate growth.

While many companies and business-minded individuals try to hack their way into the scene by accelerating growth, outperforming the established competitors can feel impossible without paid ads and a blessing from the algorithm. 

Social media platforms love trendy and relevant content, therefore likes, comments, and other interactions create a positive feedback loop. These traits attract even more publicity to your site, but bigger accounts have a stronger foothold due to an already massive following.

To speed up all processes and gain a fighting chance, some parties choose to speed up growth with fake social media accounts. That being said, tech giants are aware of such strategies, and the existence of illegitimate accounts is a big issue for these platforms. To diminish their effects, social media networks like TikTok and Instagram protect themselves from bots by following specific identifiers and determining factors that distinguish real users from bots.

With these rules and regulations in full effect, platform owners can flag, restrict, or straight-up ban simultaneous connections to different accounts if they come from the same IP address.

All things considered, the problems described above can be avoided. In this guide, you will learn about the risks of multi accounting on TikTok, Instagram, or other social media platforms, as well as solutions for keeping fake identities safe regardless of threats. This can be achieved through the use of internet privacy tools.

For example, Smartproxy is a well-known supplier of proxy servers and related privacy tools. Their robust fleet of residential proxy IPs is a perfect disguise for multi accounting. Keep reading to learn about the main risks of controlling and automatic fake social media accounts before we focus on solving these problems with proxy servers.

Fake account management risks

After acknowledging the ruthless policy towards bots in most social media platforms, one must understand the risks of controlling fake accounts to privacy and protection tools in the most effective ways. Here are the most common problems that will disrupt your growth and marketing efforts:

Account bans

If Instagram, TikTok, and other platforms notice that your accounts perform actions and specific time intervals while all connection requests come from the same IP address, all of them will be suspended and disabled without mercy. 

IP blacklisting

In more extreme cases, the platform may blacklist your digital identity to stop disruptive connections and bot activity on their site. Once all accounts are suspended, it can be difficult to restore or run your main account, unless your internet service provider leases out another public address. Still, with the help of internet privacy tools, you can bypass an IP ban and continue your connections to the platform

Action blocks

Even in the earliest stages of suspicion, social media platforms can start chipping away at your user experience to give themselves more time for investigating suspicious activity. Even a well-managed network of bots can have accounts that cannot like, comment, and interact with posts in groups and other pages. While the restriction is less severe than an IP ban, the goal of having these accounts in the first place is to interact with posts on your main page for growth. If action blocks stay longer than expected, it might be a good time to bring in another account and work on making all interactions secure and less suspicious.

Top privacy solutions for protecting fake accounts

To avoid the risks and damages of vulnerable connections, we have internet privacy tools that incorporate believable disguises for all fake accounts.

Mask your traffic with a VPN server

VPNs are remote servers that create an encrypted connection to receive data packets from the user. Then, this data travels to its destination under a new address.

After that, users can change automated behavior and add irregular patterns to make fake accounts as believable as possible.

All things considered, the elephant in the room for VPNs is a lack of scalability. Top VPN providers only provide access to a couple of thousand IPs, while users are forced to share the same addresses between all users. To make matters worse, a small fleet of recognizable addresses is an easy target for tech giants behind social media networks.

Avoid all trouble with proxy servers

High-quality residential proxies are your best bet for safe and efficient control and automation. Social media managers can control multiple fake accounts without any consequences. 

With millions of addresses around the globe, they can mask each identity using an adjustable tool for proxy rotation. This way, each fake account can have more than one address, and changing them will help divert any suspicion from one bot, let alone the party behind the entire army.

Strength in numbers lets residential proxies have more quality addresses for entering social media sites, whereas VPN connections are often blocked from visiting the platforms in the first place. 


If you want to keep all connections safe, fluid, and efficient, residential proxies will give your fake accounts identities. With their help, you no longer have to worry about IP bans and a chain of suspensions, as none of them will be punished for inappropriate activity.