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SONG FASHION – A press conference was organised in Junkyard Cafe, CP  regarding GURU RANDHAWA’S new song – FASHION     

song fashion press conference

              Guru Randhawa  concocted his most recent outstanding melody “FASHION” on 20th September, 2016. Guru dependably takes motivation from the positive parts of life for his melodies, which are constantly gone for spreading euphoria and bliss amongst his fans. The embodiment of “FASHION” lies behind making your own style articulation, in this way emerging in the general public.


He expresses how fashion is no longer something to be just followed, but something so special and personal that girls nowadays create their own style statement, which is followed by the brands.

Independent, strong girls nowadays have their own fashion statements to flaunt, rather than following the stereotypical norm and this is the story that “Fashion” SONG represents.

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At the press conference Guru talked abut his journey, He talked about his first song “chhad Gayi’s” success. He talked about the hardwork he did thoughout. He too answered the various questions very confidently. Guru thanked all the general public for the love and support, they have always given to him. Guru added that his songs are much created for the youngsters as they are his main target audiance. He said his passion for music and the struggle he did has made him “THE GURU RANDHAWA”

guru randhawa at fashion song conference

Subsequent to getting tremendous notoriety and fame from his song ‘Patola’, Outfit, Suit, Yaar Mod Do, Tu Meri Rani – MTV Spokenword , the surprisingly dynamite vocalist Guru Randhawa is shaking the world with his most recent blockbuster “FASHION”, that is already released on 20th September 2016.




guru randhawa during song fashion

Guru Randhawa is a youthful, energetic, vivacious Punjabi Singer and musician, continually flourishing to make an astounding nearness in the general public with his beguiling, sweet voice and important tunes. He was conceived on August 30, 1991 in Village Noorpur, Dharowali, Punjab, India. He started singing around the age of 7, and had been performing at different musical venues in the place where he grew up all through his adolescence. It is all his hardwork that he put in.

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