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How to Win at Spider Solitaire: A Short Guide

Having difficulties when it comes to playing Spider Solitaire?

Well, you are in the right place! We have come up with this read for you! This read happens to be a short guide to help you improve at playing Spider solitaire! Sounds intriguing, right? Read all about it down below and start winning!

However, if you are especially playing the four-suit version of the card game, then we have to warn you about something. You must know that winning in a four suit version of this card game is going to be considerably hard. Beating the Four suit version is going to be difficult as compared to the other options.

But when there is a will there is the way. If one has decided to win the game come what may then one puts in all his/her might, expertise, and wisdom to do the same after all a game is a game isn’t it??? A game like a spider solitaire whether four-suit one or otherwise should not be a big problem for whom any sort of game is left-hand child’s play..

Moving forward, we would like to mention that Spider Solitaire can also be a game of chance. And in order to win in Spider Solitaire, you will have to deal with a lot of cards.

So, How to Win at Spider Solitaire?

In this article, we have lined up some tips and tricks that can help you win at spider solitaire. To begin with, you must know that there are some rules. And if you want to win, then it is essential that you stick to those rules.

However, if you move past this process without developing a clear understanding of the guidelines, the chances for you to win are going to be cut down abysmally. To add more, Spider solitaire gets played with a couple of card decks without having the space to use any kinds of wild cards.

Moving forward, the players have to deal and hand these cards totally into ten different columns. However, it is imperative to keep this in mind. The top four columns cannot be taller than 6 cards.

But, the other six columns are going to be six cards tall. When you are about to reach the bottom of every column, you will notice these cards will start to face up. We have also noticed that the remaining cards are all going to be facing down.

In order to be able to win in a game of spider solitaire, it is imperative that you get sets of 13 cards. Make sure that cards are arranged in descending order form. The correct order would be to start from King and end up on Ace.

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Some Hints to Win a Game of Spider Solitaire

We wouldn’t be wrong if we said Spider solitaire is one tricky game! However, when it comes to spider solitaire, you can use some basic tricks and tips to make the game easy to grasp and further increase the odds to win.

However, if you are playing against a computer, then you must do this trick to win. You must keep peeking underneath the hidden cards. When you do that, you will be able to discover any useful cards. These cards are going to expose themselves to the user which will prove to be a big help when it comes to winning the game.

Having said that, it is also essential that you build different groups of cards. When you build groups of cards, it becomes easier for you to use those cards in future moves.

You must try to open two columns at once. When you open two columns at once, it becomes easier for you to restack the cards totally into their suits.

Use Cards to Fill Slots that can be crucial in the game

If you are a novice when it comes to Spider solitaire, then this is the right tip for you.

We recommend that you fill-up the empty slots with your cards that you think have a high value. By high value, we mean that you should fill up slots with cards that stand a better chance of helping you win the game.

Moreover, you must fill the available empty slots with the cards that rank above and have a higher possibility of appearing in the next move.

Here is an example for you about this phenomenon. You have the option to fill the empty slot with a card that is being carried and accompanied by six spade cards in the eighth column.

As an alternative, you have the option to be able to fill in the spaces with such types of cards. These types of cards are very simple and easy to build back in the current tableau. Plus, its not necessarily a good idea to discover and then expose a facedown card.

As an alternative, we think it would be a good idea if you left the facedown card all exposed and covered. Moving forward, you can fill the space with that kind of card. Remember that this card is going to show a better chance of being chosen and is likely to be used again.

When you notice that most of the columns are covered and topped with aces, you have to keep this in mind. In these conditions, the total and generally overall, the whole probability of making any feature moves worsens.
Now that we have established that it is a bad move to expose or reveal a card lying facedown, where to go from here?

What to do now?

Well, in this scenario, the best idea would be to fill the space with cards. Make sure that the cards you sue to fill will hold the highest probability of being chosen up again.

In addition to that, solitaire experts also suggest that it is a great idea to keep getting cards of the same suit together. Consider this as a golden opportunity. And if you mess it up, the chances of losing the game are significantly higher.

So, If you want to win the game, make full use of this opportunity.


And with all that information, we would like to conclude our article with some tips when it comes to winning spider solitaire.

We found these tips to be highly effective and we thought that it’s only fair we shared them with you so that you can become a better sport!



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