Stay Healthy with TCL Air Conditioner’s Ultra Air Purification Technology

As Indians get locked in for another three weeks amid rising summers, the use of air conditioners is certainly going to see a spike. Although home ACs do not pose the risk of viral infection, it is still essential for people to take the utmost precautions.

But fret not as TCL air conditioners come equipped with Ultra Air Purification Technology that prevents any kind of bacteria to spread indoors, the AC comes at an affordable entry level price of INR 23,990.

TCL air conditioner sports Titan Gold fin evaporator and Silver Ion Filter to keep bacteria at bay. Titan Gold Coating provides a lotus effect for water droplets on the fin surface and prevents the accumulation of dust, dirt and bacteria. Silver Ion Filter, on the other hand, eliminates bacteria by impeding the growth of microbes such as spores, viruses and fungi, among others.

The alarming rate of pollution around us is evident and this is where we all need a mechanism that will filter the air for us. The TCL smart ACs not only takes care of the temperature but also helps in monitoring dust, dirt and moisture. There is a R32 eco-friendly refrigerant, digital temperature display, 100% copper tubing, fireproof control box and 4 way air flow that offers uniform cooling in the entire room. An advanced remote sensor with I Feel technology helps sense the room temperature with high precision.

FYI: Coronavirus is not airborne. It can stay on the surface. Not in the air.  


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